Sherk's Hut

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Sherk's Hut SiteIcon.png
Sherk's Hut.png
Coordinates X: -2164, Z: -5120
Quest Starts The Maiden Tower
Monsters Relocated Trolls
Swamp Ogres

Sherk's Hut is a hut constructed inside a giant tree stump in the southwestern corner of the Olux Swamp. Its current owner is the resident Ogre, Sherk, who is experiencing some troubles with getting rid of a bunch of Relocated Trolls. He asks the player for help with this in the quest The Maiden Tower.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The water surrounding the stump is mainly inhabited by Carp, making this a good place to farm fishing.
    • Curiously enough, the water around the small platforms between the mainland and the stump island contains vicious piranhas, which implies that Sherk doesn't want anyone waltzing into his stump uninvited.