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Esprits Brisés
Informations de la quête
Durée Longue
Location Efilim
Niveau 70
Récompenses Comme suit :

Esprits Brisés est une quête difficile de niveau 70 située à Efilim.

Aperçu[edit | edit source]

Likeru demande au joueur de ramener 2 Champignons aux Chapeaux Bleus, mais lorsque le joueur les rapporte, il ressent quelques.. choses plutôt étranges.

Première Étape[edit | edit source]

» Parler à Likeru dans Efilim.

 Location   Efilim   X   -1058   Y   44   Z   -5008 


  • Likeru: Heh, vous! Oui vous, p'tit humain! Venez là un court instant!
  • Likeru: I got some work for you, if you're interested... It's a delivery job, nothing too hard for you Wynn folk, I'd imagine.
  • Likeru: However, there's a catch: You have to keep your mouth shut about it, alright?
  • Likeru: Last thing we need is an uninvited 'guest', snooping around here, sticking their nose where it don't belong...
  • Likeru: Anyway, I need you to retrieve a very specific mushroom that grows not far from here. Sent a girl earlier, but she's hopeless.
  • Likeru: They're in a cave to the northwest, under a small hill. You'll get paid when the job is done, so don't screw it up like she did.