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The Shaman (Rank variant named Skyseer) is a class that is came out in the 1.19 update. It is said to be the most skill-based class.

The Shaman uses Reliks as weapons. The main attack fires 3 beams, one going in a straight line and two going to the sides. The Shaman's base damage is 120%, same as the Archer's. The damage is split in the three beams, 33% each.

The Shaman has a base defense of 50%, making it the least durable class of the game.

The Shaman's spells are Totem, Haul, Aura and Uproot.


Totem is the most important out of all of the Shaman's spells, because all of the Shaman's spells are somehow connected to Totem. When casting the spell with RLR a totem is thrown in the direction you are looking. After landing, the totem activates. It damages mobs in it's area, and gives a damage buff to the caster and other allies within it's area. The totem despawns after a short time.

Level 1 (Unlocks at combat level 1):

Base cost: 4 mana 20% damage per second (20% air) 35% damage buff (15% to other players)

Level 2 (Unlocks at combat level 16):

Regeneration: Heals 4% of your HP every second (Water damage buffs this)

Level 3 (Unlocks at combat level 36):

Totemic smash: The totem landing deals 100% damage (20% fire)


Haul is the Shaman's movement spell. When you cast it with RRR, you are thrown towards your totem. If there is no totem, the spell won't work.

Level 1 (Unlocks at combat level 11):

Base cost: 3 mana

Level 2 (Unlocks at combat level 26):

Cost: 2 mana Nature's jolt: When hauling into mobs, deal 100% damage (20% thunder) and throw them upwards.

Level 3 (Unlocks at combat level 46):

Cost: 1 mana Stagnation: Mobs hit are slowed down by 60% for 3 seconds.


Aura is the highest damaging spell of the Shaman. Castable with RLL, it launches an aura from your totem that moves outwards. Just like with Haul, if there is no totem, the spell won't work.

Level 1 (Unlocks at combat level 21):

Base cost: 8 mana 200% damage (20% water), slowly turns into 100% the farther the mob is from the totem Pulls mobs towards the totem.

Level 2 (Unlocks at combat level 36):

Rebound: The aura bounces back, dealing the damage a second time

Level 3 (Unlocks at combat level 56):

Enclosure: Creates a temporary cage around the totem that traps mobs in


Uproot is the fourth and final spell of the Shaman. It shoots a projectile forwards that pulls mobs to you when exploding by casting it with RRL. This can also be used to pull your totem. Unlike Haul and Aura, this spell can be used when there is no totem.

Level 1 (Unlocks at combat level 31):

Base cost: 6 mana 50% damage (10% earth)

Level 2 (Unlocks at combat level 46):

Ancient's grasp: You can control the uproot by moving your head

Level 3 (Unlocks at combat level 66):

75% damage (30% earth) Overseer: Holding shift while casting causes the uproot to push mobs, instead of pulling them