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The Sewers of Ragni

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The Sewers of Ragni
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Decrepit Sewers
Province Wynn
Level 5
Starter NPC Jenprest
Reward As follows:

The Sewers of Ragni is the first dungeon quest for Wynncraft. It is a medium level 5 quest. It introduces you to a part of Ragni's history during the hordes.

Preview[edit | edit source]

The Ragni military has been requesting help to help clear out sewage from the sewers, but no one is up for the job! Will you be up for the job?

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» The lieutenant Jenprest close to Ragni needs help.

 Location   Jenprest   X   -890  Y   60  Z   -1874  Wynncraft Map 


  • Jenprest: Soldier! Good timing. We've been requesting help for ages.
  • Jenprest: Looks like we have a blocked pipe in the sewers. No wonder no one wanted the job.
  • Jenprest: I'm going to need you to get your hands dirty. I'll need some assistance with the blockage.
  • Jenprest: Meet me up the hill at the sewer entrance, just right of this big drain here.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Meet up with the lieutenant outside the sewer entrance.

 Location   Sewer entrance   X   -921  Y   78  Z   -1918  Wynncraft Map 


  • Jenprest: Ah you're already here. Coming up behind you soldier!
  • Jenprest: Here's the brief. We get in, deploy small explosives to dislodge the blockage and get out.
  • Jenprest: I forgot to mention this won't be without danger. There's all sorts of nasty things in this sewer. Keep your wits about you. Right, let's go!

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Explore the sewer and find the blockage.


  • Jenprest: Do you feel like there’s something lurking that doesn’t want us here?
  • Jenprest: Anyway, I’ve found the blockage. It’s right up ahead.
  • Jenprest: Here’s a small explosive. I placed one at the blockage already, if that alone doesn't work, use this.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Find a way to fix the blockage.

Press the button under the TNT.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Find a way out of the spooky sewer.


  • The pillar seems very unstable...
  • ???: Release me...
  • What is this weird sound? It sounds like running water.
  • The pipe is flooding! Run!
If you successfully escape the water:
  • Jenprest: Ah, you're alive. Looks like we underestimated the amount of sewage.
  • Jenprest: Let's get out of here. Do you still have the explosive I gave you?
  • Jenprest: Good, let's use it on this wall, it looks like we can break right through...

The explosion appears to be more powerful than expected!

If you are caught by the water:
  • You got caught in the water!
  • Waiting for water to evacuate...

You have to try to escape the water again.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Leave the sewers.


  • Jenprest: Oh no, oh no no no! Did you just open that? Come here immediately.

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Jenprest.


  • Jenprest: Oh no... This is very, very bad.
  • Jenprest: This was sealed for a reason. It used to be the old Ragni prison.
  • Jenprest: It has a horrible history. People hid here during raids.
  • Jenprest: But over 100 years ago, the horde found it and killed hundreds.
  • Jenprest: Now the dead remain in there.. Corrupt. It was sealed to stop them from attacking the city.
  • Jenprest: Rumour has it that Bob, the hero of Wynn, was born in that very prison.
  • Jenprest: There's nothing for it. We have to act. I will inform the high command. You... You go in and defeat the leader.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jenprest, the starter NPC is named after Jpresent, one of Wynncraft's developers.