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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft and has been archived for historical purposes.

Set Armour Merchants were a type of NPC that was located in the cities and some of the towns of the Wynn Province. Each merchant only sold one type of set and the level of the set they sold often corresponded to the location they were in. Each Armour Merchant sold one set of armour where the helmet had the lowest level requirement, then boots, pants and then the chest plate which had the highest requirement.

Town Helmet Boots Leggings Chestplate Set
Bremminglar Level 18 Level 18 Level 18 Level 18 Tribal Armour
Almuj Level 33 Level 33 Level 33 Level 33 Black Armour
Lumberjack Village Level 39 Level 39 Level 39 Level 39 Outlaw Armour
Nesaak Level 45 Level 45 Level 45 Level 45 Snow Armour
Haunted Mansion Level 49 Level 56 Level 58 Level 59 Ghostly Armour