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SpoilersLogo.pngThis page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Secret Discoveries are a type of Discovery which describe hidden areas or locations which require some effort and knowledge to reach. These areas may hold lore significance, or merely are interesting in their own right. They give a large amount of XP for discovering them. The experience given is not affected by XP Bonus.[1] You can only find them once per character, and need a level minimum to receive the XP. They can involve multiple riddles, items, and locations.

List of Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Wynn Plains[edit | edit source]

The Wynn Plains was the first major area to be given Secret Discoveries in the 1.17 Dungeons & Discoveries Update. The discoveries mainly document Bak'al and the struggles of living during the war.

Discovery Location Requirements XP Given Min. Level
Ragni's Secret Library
 Location   Ragni   X   -917  Y     Z   -1591  Wynncraft Map 

Bob's Tear
40 1
A Hero's Origin
 Location   Decrepit Sewers   X   -872  Y     Z   -1978  Wynncraft Map 
None 40 1
 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -470  Y     Z   -1559  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -340  Y     Z   -1632  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -217  Y     Z   -1549  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -90  Y     Z   -1596  Wynncraft Map 
None 90 1
Boulder Breaker
 Location   Roots of Corruption   X   314  Y     Z   -1459  Wynncraft Map 
None 200 5
Historical Maltic
 Location   Maltic   X   -560  Y     Z   -1856  Wynncraft Map 
None 200 5
Ruins of Detlas
 Location   Detlas   X   435  Y     Z   -1597  Wynncraft Map 
None 180 5
Water of the Past
 Location   Mt. Wynn   X   -303  Y     Z   -1887  Wynncraft Map 
None 200 5
Bak'al's Destruction 1
 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -123  Y     Z   -1288  Wynncraft Map 

Corrupted Remains
400 5
Bak'al's Destruction 2
 Location   Detlas Suburbs   X   120  Y     Z   -1535  Wynncraft Map 
None 400 5
Bak'al's Destruction 3
 Location   Coastal Trail   X   -740  Y     Z   -1956  Wynncraft Map 
None 400 5
Timeless Ruin
 Location   Time Valley   X   -461  Y     Z   -1123  Wynncraft Map 
Mysterious gem.png Mysterious Gem 700 10
Beneath the Roots
 Location   Roots of Corruption   X   53  Y     Z   -1315  Wynncraft Map 
None 700 10
Somewhere In Between
 Location   Pigmen's Ravine   X   -736  Y     Z   -1280  Wynncraft Map 
None 700 10
Crate Crane
 Location   Nemract   X   51  Y     Z   -2238  Wynncraft Map 
None 1200 15
Mining Operation
 Location   Abandoned Mines   X   808  Y     Z   -1300  Wynncraft Map 
None 2000 20
Wynn Plains Monument
 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -226  Y     Z   -1500  Wynncraft Map 
All other Wynn Plains Discoveries found 6000 20

Desert[edit | edit source]

A set of Secret Discoveries were added to the Desert of Almuj and the Mesa in the 1.18 Economy Update. These discoveries primarily concern the ancient empire that's once spanned the desert, and the Creden Tibus and the Emperor's Sceptre, both featured in Kingdom of Sand. Additionally, unlike the Wynn Plains discoveries, most Desert discoveries also involve a Wynnic archaeologist named Junes, who is investigating the ruins of the desert empire.

Discovery Location Requirements XP Given Min. Level
 Location   Northern Desert   X   1063  Y     Z   -2120  Wynncraft Map 
None 3700 30
Temple Ruin
 Location   Southern Desert   X   1040  Y     Z   -1830  Wynncraft Map 
Machete 3500 30
Boulder Pit
 Location   Southern Desert   X   930  Y     Z   -1683  Wynncraft Map 
None 3700 30
Temple of Swords
 Location   Invaded Barracks   X   1230  Y     Z   -2290  Wynncraft Map 
Ancient Sword 5000 30
Totem Pole
 Location   Eagle Tribe   X   1410  Y     Z   -1605  Wynncraft Map 
Wooden Eye 3000 29
Wrecking Ball
 Location   Rymek Mesa   X   1450  Y     Z   -1339  Wynncraft Map 

Dangling Elevator Rope
4500 30
Rymek Thief
 Location   Rymek   X   1361  Y     Z   -1279  Wynncraft Map 
None 5000 30
Desert Royal Residence
 Location   Central Desert   X   1194  Y     Z   -1920  Wynncraft Map 
All other Desert discoveries found 10000 30

Nesaak Tundra[edit | edit source]

Secret Discoveries were added to the Nesaak region alongside the Silent Expanse in the 1.19 Update (with the exception of Lusuco's Library, which was made a Discovery in 1.17). They primarily revolve around the conflicts around the Twain family that once protected Wynn, and in particular Theorick, who would eventually freeze Nesaak himself.

Discovery Location Requirements XP Given Min. Level
Explorer's Corruption Study
 Location   Nesaak Forest   X   -151  Y     Z   -981  Wynncraft Map 
None 15,000 40
Wolf Temple
 Location   Nesaak Forest   X   295  Y     Z   -754  Wynncraft Map 
None 15,000 40
Frozen Cave Hideout
 Location   Nesaak Forest   X   -120  Y     Z   -671  Wynncraft Map 
None 15,000 40
Nilrem's Sealed Letter
 Location   Nesaak Forest   X   -208  Y     Z   -694  Wynncraft Map 
None 15,000 40
A Deathly Warning
 Location   Ice Canyon   X   -250  Y     Z   -359  Wynncraft Map 
None 15,000 40
The Lone Telescope
 Location   Ice Canyon   X   -105  Y     Z   -436  Wynncraft Map 
None 15,000 40
Pottery Wheel
 Location   Ice Canyon   X   -403  Y     Z   -551  Wynncraft Map 
None 15,000 40
Torn in Twain
 Location   Twain Lake   X   31  Y     Z   -282  Wynncraft Map 
None 15,000 40
Lusuco's Secret Library
 Location   Lusuco   X   -194  Y     Z   -303  Wynncraft Map 

23,000 45
The Twains' Downfall
 Location   Twain Lake   X   65  Y     Z   -435  Wynncraft Map 
All other Nesaak Tundra Discoveries found 40,000 45

Corkus[edit | edit source]

Discovery Location Requirements XP Given Min. Level
Relos' Library
 Location   Relos   X   -1642  Y   73  Z   -2417  Wynncraft Map 

Electromagical Battery
660,000 80
Lost Avos City
 Location   Corkus   X   -1524  Y   67  Z   -3139  Wynncraft Map 
None 1,060,000 85
Necklace of a Thousand Storms
 Location   Corkus   X   -1890  Y   124  Z   -3079  Wynncraft Map 

Golden Avia Feather
1,700,000 90

Silent Expanse[edit | edit source]

Ten secret discoveries in the Silent Expanse were released with the 1.19 Update, alongside the discoveries in the Nesaak Tundra. The Silent Expanse discoveries revolve largely around the ancient civilization of the The Olm, the incursions of Wynnic miners through the Abandoned Mines (and the place they settled, in Lutho), and the warping of the region by the influence of darkness.

Unlocking all the secret discoveries in the region requires completion of the main questline, A Journey Beyond and A Journey Further, as well as at least one successful run of the Eldritch Outlook dungeon.

The coordinates roughly represent the starting point, for a detailed tutorial see this forum post.

Discovery Location Requirements XP Given Min. Level
Mining Cessation
 Location   Abandoned Mines   X   666  Y   81  Z   -1096  Wynncraft Map 

Mining Lv. 10
1,500,000 100
A Wynnic Excavation
 Location   Abandoned Mines   X   631  Y   88  Z   -893  Wynncraft Map 
None 1,500,000 100
Fate of the Olm
 Location   Abandoned Mines   X   506  Y   116  Z   -782  Wynncraft Map 

Tomb Key
1,500,000 100
The Final Moments
 Location   Ruined Olmic City   X   656  Y   133  Z   -409  Wynncraft Map 
None 1,500,000 100
Otherworldly Occurrence
 Location   Eyeball Forest   X   921  Y   79  Z   -470  Wynncraft Map 
None 1,500,000 100
The Forest has Eyes
 Location   Eyeball Forest   X   895  Y   71  Z   -593  Wynncraft Map 
None 1,500,000 100
A Monument of Hope
 Location   Lutho   X   995  Y   73  Z   -694  Wynncraft Map 
None 1,500,000 100
Toxic Bounce
 Location   Toxic Wastes   X   1008  Y   71  Z   -1026  Wynncraft Map 

Explosive Heart
1,500,000 100
Space Between Realities
 Location   Void Valley   X   1178  Y   137  Z   -1082  Wynncraft Map 
None 1,500,000 100
Silent Expanse's Secret
 Location   Eldritch Outlook   X   1372  Y   87  Z   -687  Wynncraft Map 
All other Silent Expanse Discoveries found 3,000,000 100

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • For the discoveries that require right clicking, sometimes the right click will fail to trigger. In such cases, switching to a less populous server helps.
    • Walking away from the area (5-10 blocks) then walking back will almost always fix this problem.
    • Sometimes right clicking with nothing in your hand also fixes this issue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The concept of Discoveries was inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Shrines.[2]

References[edit | edit source]