Sayleros' Brother

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Sayleros’ Brother
Sayleros' Brother Information
Type Zombie
Level 23
Quest Grave Digger
Health 4215
Special Drops Dusty Will
Elemental Effects
Neutral 15-26

Sayleros’ Brother is the undead corpse of the brother of Sayleros and Drucksh, who was killed on the road to Detlas and interred in the crypt at Saint's Row. He is a strong level 23 Zombie, and serves as the boss of the Grave Digger quest. During the quest, Sayleros asks the player to find where he was buried, and bring back the Dusty Will.

To access the crypt where Sayleros’ Brother is found, beneath the Cathedral, The Priest must first be given a total of 14 Rotten Flesh in order to purify the area. After that, you may descend to the crypt to fight the Brother and claim the Dusty Will, which is necessary to complete the quest.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Fighting Sayleros’ Brother takes place in several phases; after each form of the boss is defeated, the next one spawns, until finally the last is destroyed. All of the Brother’s forms have a combined total of 4215 health, making the battle quite long and potentially difficult for lower-level players. Each phase is weaker than the last, however, meaning that the first fight with the Brother is the most difficult.

  • At first, Sayleros’ Brother appears as a zombie wearing leather armour and wielding an axe. These versions of the Brother are able to use the Charge spell to quickly close the distance to the player, so it is necessary to stay on the move to avoid being damaged. As his health is depleted, he will gradually lose his armour, eventually revealing some of his skeleton.
  • After his health has been depleted three times, he will change into Sayleros’ Brother’s Skeleton. This form is weaker, and is unable to use the Charge spell. Eventually, the Skeleton will also become much slower, making the fight even easier as it goes on.
  • After depleting his health three more times, Sayleros’ Brother's body will be destroyed, and he will enter his final phase, Sayleros’ Brother’s Skull. This phase only has 5 health, and should be very easy to defeat. After the Skull is killed, it will drop the Dusty Will, and Sayleros’ Brother will be defeated completely.