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Savannah RegionIcon.png
A screenshot of the savannah with Almuj in the background
Discovery Lore
Wild ocelots inhabit this mostly-barren savannah, which leads to the Almuj desert. There is a town on the edge of the mountains, though few visit it.
Coordinates X: 737, Z: -1866
Suggested Level 30
Type/Biomes Savannah
Region Capital Almuj
Monsters Wild Ocelots Level 25
Crazy Cat Lady level 28

The Savannah is a large expanse of land located between the Detlas Plains and the Desert of Almuj. It surrounds Bremminglar in the north, the western face of Almuj and around part of Ternaves to the south. The Savannah has a lot of Wild Ocelots, which do a lot of damage to lower level players.

Tips[edit | edit source]

If you are of lower level and just want to get to Almuj, it is recommended to take the south route from Detlas to Ternaves and then Almuj and avoid the Savannah region altogether.