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NPC Info
Location Craftmas Island
Quest Involved Craftmas Chaos, Craftmas Quest

Santa is a quest NPC found on top of Craftmas Island. He appears in the Craftmas Chaos quest, where he sends you through his chimney into Selchar's past to find out where the dark magic originates from that kept him from delivering his presents there. From there, the player travels to Selchar's alternate future that would happen if the mysterious Crystal Summoner had succeeded his task. Corrupted Santa has devastated the whole island, only Old Tom is left. After killing Corrupted Santa, the player can return to reality and tell the story to Santa. Santa used to then give the player his Santa Hat as a reward, but this reward was removed, and Santa's Hat is therefore currently unobtainable. The hat can only be acquired through trading with a player who obtained it before its removal as a reward.

History[edit | edit source]

During Christmas 2013, Santa appeared in the Craftmas Quest. He was preparing for Craftmas when he was attacked by a Magma Slime, burning his clothes and his beard. His assistant asked the player to help make some clothes for him. He was found in the wine cellar of his assistant's house. He handed out Santa's Pants at the end of the quest, which are now unobtainable.