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Rules[edit | edit source]

These are the rules listed on the forums accurate as of 28th December 2015. The old post by Tama is not available on the Wynncraft Forums currently, due to an unusual incident causing them to lose some of their threads. You may see the updated rules here. The original post might be available through sifting through the Internet Archive, a non-profit organization with a goal to preserve knowledge of the digital era.

The three main rules[edit | edit source]

In his post Tama states that there are three set rules:

  • Do not hack
  • Stay polite and don't be mean in general
  • Have fun!

An extra rule resulting in a ban[edit | edit source]

As of the 14th April 2014 Tama states: Selling in-game items for store packages is now illegal. Anyone caught doing so will be banned.

Rules surrounding /report[edit | edit source]

Abusing /report is against the rules. Examples of abuse are: false or silly ones and spamming.

Spoiling Secrets[edit | edit source]

Showing the locations of Relics to other players spoils the fun of them finding the Relics. The same goes for Secrets. Spoiling these will result in a temporary ban at most.

Vanilla items[edit | edit source]

Owning illegal items, also known as vanillas is now against the rules and will result in a warning and a ban if said items are not destroyed within a week.

Map boundaries[edit | edit source]

Being outside the map will result in a ban, no matter how and why you got outside the map (that if you try to explore or abuse of that. If you end up there by a random glitch, just use /kill or scroll and it will be fine)

Cheating the 10 characters rule[edit | edit source]

This is a rule concerning the forum 10 characters limit. People on the forums are not allowed to type messages shorter than 10 characters followed by a little message to circumpass the limit. (e.g. "K. 10chars lim" is not allowed)

Other moderator dependent rules[edit | edit source]

There are unlisted rules which each moderator is left to create their own punishment:

  • Scamming
  • Player Made Invasions (PMI) where players lead mobs into safe zones such as towns and cities. This also includes pushing afk people in order to kill them
  • Selling illegal items
  • Exploiting glitches/bugs
  • Spamming
  • Targeted spam (Messaging)
  • Duplicating items
  • Entity radars
  • Cave maps
  • Advertising other servers

The punishments for breaking rules[edit | edit source]

Some rules have bigger punishments than the other rules, e.g. Spamming will result in a mute whilst PMIs can result in a warning or a temporary ban.

Although each moderator may have different views about what punishments should be given, Tama warns that players must respect each mod's decision.

What is allowed[edit | edit source]

Finally, Tama lays out certain things that are allowed:

  • Swearing is allowed, (since we have /toggle) but please do not abuse it.
  • Insults, however, are not allowed. Please use common sense when possible.