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Rotten Skeleton

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Rotten Skeleton
Type Skeleton
Level 28
Health About 228
Damage ?
Elemental Properties
Damage About 40

The Rotting Skeleton is a mob that only spawns as level 28, and is currently only found under Ancient Nemract's Lost Tower. Players must venture down deep into the tower, fighting many Rotting Skeletons along the way in order to complete the Lost Tower quest.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Rotting Skeletons have high health, speed and damage per second in relation to the mobs outside of the Lost Tower, and fighting them in the enclosed space that they spawn in isn't ideal. You can quickly find yourself in the middle of a cluster of them, and once you are, it's hard to escape before your health hits zero. Their actual attack damage is relatively low, what makes them deadly is their attack speed; they hit you 2.5 times per second. Ideally you want to hit a group of them with a high damaging splash spell that can 1-hit-kill them before they have the chance to surround you (such as Archer's Bomb Arrow or Mage's Meteor). If you are facing a lone Rotting Skeleton, then normal attacks work just fine, although the Skeleton may get one or two hits off of you before perishing.