Rotten Necromancer

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Rotten Necromancer
Species Unknown (Skeleton)
Level 31
Quest Lost Tower
Health 880
Special Drops Book of Bones
Elemental Effects
Neutral ?

The Rotten Necromancer is a level 31 quest boss for the Lost Tower quest, which the player must kill to retrieve the Book of Bones. It resides in Ancient Nemract.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Rotten Necromancer is a tall Wither Skeleton, wielding a bone. It is guarded by many level 28 Rotten Skeletons, which deal quite a bit of damage. These skeletons also have the ability to slow the player down for 1 minute by throwing projectiles at the player (these projectiles resemble ender pearls). The Necromancer throws projectiles as well, although these take the form of small blue wither skulls.

Combined with the cramped spaces surrounding it, as well as the Necromancer's fast speed and damage, these abilities present a formidable challenge to lower-level players.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Ancient Nemract   X   191  Y   27  Z   -1858  Wynncraft Map 

The Rotten Necromancer spawns on the lowermost level of a tower located in Ancient Nemract. Reaching this level requires the navigation of a confined, winding maze, in which level 28 Rotten Skeletons spawn consistently. A Tier II loot chest spawns deep within this maze.