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Type Wither Skeleton
Level 40
Location Mesa
Health 3800
Drops 64-128 Emeralds
1 Gunpowder

Reggie is a rare Level 40 Wither Skeleton that wields an iron axe. Reggie can spawn anywhere in the Mesa area, but most commonly in Rymek.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Reggie is named after the player Without_Regret, known as Reggie or "Without | Reggie"[1] on the Wynncraft forums. Without_Regret used to play on a whitelisted server with Carlos2x2, one of Wynncraft's GMs. When withers were introduced to Minecraft in the Pretty Scary Update (v1.4.2), Without_Regret became obsessed with them, collecting their skulls and adopting a Wither Skeleton skin. Carlos2x2 added Reggie to Wynncraft as a tribute.[2]

Triva[edit | edit source]

  • Reggie's health and damage was changed in the 1.14 Gavel Update.
  • You are more likely to encounter Reggie if you are on a quiet server, and you're the lone player in the Mesa area.