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Warning: Quests have been completely revamped, and some information may not be accurate.

Quests are a relatively old addition to Wynncraft added in the 1.09 Quest Update. They allow you to pursue missions in which you help NPCs around the world, and in return for doing quests, you receive rewards such as Emeralds, Experience Points, and Quest Items. Quest items may be needed for future quests such as Temple of the Legends and Reincarnation. Quests can be viewed by right-clicking the Quest Book in your inventory. All the quests are listed in the following order: Started Quests, Available Quests, Quests that cannot be started due to the level requirement, and Completed Quests.

Length[edit | edit source]

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Quests have a length that ranges from Short to Medium to Long and represents the skill, the danger and the length. For example, the quest Enzan's Brother requires you to walk out of Ragni and to the Nivla Woods, which is why it is short, while the Temple of the Legends quest asks you to cross the map multiple times and face dangerous mobs, which is why it is long.

After the 1.17 update, difficulty was changed to length. Easy, medium and hard were replaced with short, medium and long to represent quests better.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Inside of the quest book

Quests have different stages called objectives, which can be viewed from your quest book. When you start a quest the quest book will automatically update, and you should be able to see the new objective on the corresponding quest page. Once you complete an objective a new objective will automatically appear and update your quest book. Once you complete all the objectives you will be greatly rewarded with any number of items usually being Emeralds and a Quest item which is the server's equivalent of a trophy. Most of these trophies will be needed for future quests (so don't try to glitch them out of your inventory). If you happen to glitch them out, use /fixquests to have then returned to your inventory.

List of Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Name Min. Level Starter NPC Starting Location Province Length XP Given Emeralds Given
King's Recruit 1 Caravan Driver Near the caravan at the start of Wynncraft Fruma/Wynn Medium 60 14
Enzan's Brother 1 Enzan East exit of Ragni Wynn Short 80 0
Poisoning the Pest 2 Farmer Cevalus Outside Ragni Wynn Short 115 25
Cook Assistant 4 The Cook Ragni Wynn Short 200 28
Spider Cave 5 Hatath Near the center of Nivla Woods Wynn Short 250 18
Tunnel Trouble 5 Captain Fenor Detlas Wynn Long 300 55
Underwater 8 Omango North of Maltic on the coast Wynn Medium 550 32
Elemental Exercise 10 Ragon Southeast end of Nivla Woods Wynn Medium 850 100
Mushroom Man 12 Yahya Nivla Woods Wynn Medium 1000 128
Creeper Infiltration 14 Thomas Pigmen's Ravines Wynn Medium 1400 64
Suspended Flowers 14 Lacrona Detlas Wynn Medium 1300 28
Potion Making 15 The Assistant Black Road Wynn Medium 1600 0
Maltic's Well 18 Rynend Maltic Wynn Short 2000 0
Grave Digger 20 Sayleros Detlas Wynn Medium 3200 128
Cluck Cluck 23 Nohno Rooster Island Ocean Short 2800 0
Pit of the Dead 23 Merloni Pit of the Dead Wynn Short 2575 0
Dwelling Walls 24 Leucsaa Nemract Wynn Medium 3650 128
The Tower of Amnesia 25 Tinemild East of Elkurn Wynn Medium 5000 0
Lost Tower 26 Laen Nemract Wynn Short 6500 64
The Corrupted Village 26 Orikal Corrupted Village Wynn Long 4800 136
Sister City 28 Lil Detlas Wynn Short 6000 128
The Mercenary 28 Mylo Nemract Wynn Medium 10000 384
Green Gloop 31 Eluzterp Slime Cave Wynn Medium 9500 192
A Sandy Scandal 32 Almuj Bank Guard Almuj Wynn Medium 14500 128
Stable Story 34 Enkser Ternaves Wynn Short 9000 0
WynnExcavation Site A 35 Excavator Vade Outside the tomb in the Desert of Almuj Wynn Medium 15000 0
Tribal Aggression 35 Caras Mesa Wynn Medium 24000 0
Wrath of the Mummy 36 Ormrod Desert of Almuj Wynn Medium 16600 128
Canyon Condor 38 Svin Rymek Wynn Medium 21000 640
Pirate's Trove 39 Damiral Llevigar Port Gavel Medium 26000 168
Ice Nations 40 Adigard Icy Islands Ocean Medium 20000 256
Heart of Llevigar 41 Zenam Llevigar Gavel Long 24500 224
Star Thief 42 Trunan Trunan's Inn Gavel Short 21000 512
Clearing the Camps 42 Captain Kymer Llevigar Gavel Short 23000 300
Underice 43 Fredris Nesaak Wynn Medium 34000 128
Green Skinned Trouble 44 Piere Llevigar Plains Gavel Medium 38000 512
Bob's Lost Soul 45 Tarod Nesaak Forest Wynn Long 55000 0
WynnExcavation Site B 46 Excavator Lykron The path to the Haunted Mansion Wynn Medium 50000 1536
Frost Bitten 48 Alein Ice Canyon Wynn Medium 60000 256
The House of Twain 49 Twendle House of Twain Wynn Short 45000 8192
Rise of the Quartron 49 Manager Nasea Karoc Quarry Gavel Long 75000 1408
An Iron Heart Part I 49 Duvale Bucie Gavel Medium 42000 128
The Maiden Tower 51 Sherk Olux Swamp Gavel Medium 77500 512
Jungle Fever 52 Worid Jungle Village Wynn Medium 86250 4096
Crop Failure 52 Anast Olux Gavel Medium 57500 640
Master Piece 53 Caissop Olux Swamp Gavel Medium 85000 0
Death Whistle 53 Voer Olux Swamp Gavel Medium 95000 640
The Worm Holes 54 Malo Olux Swamp Gavel Medium 100000 768
The Shadow of the Beast 54 Dereg Olux Swamp Gavel Long 140000 512
Zhight Island 55 Zhight Zhight Island Ocean Medium 65000 0
WynnExcavation Site C 55 Excavator Placardus Volcanic Island Ocean Long 150000 0
The Passage 57 Wirt Troms Wynn Short 95000 256
An Iron Heart Part II 58 Detective Hart Olux Gavel Medium 160000 512 / 768
Beneath the Depths 60 Javier Pirate Island Ocean Medium 185000 1
Reclaiming the House 61 Ahmas Dweller Camp Gavel Medium 200000 6144
Lost in the Jungle 62 Gracen Dernel Jungle Wynn Medium 225000 0
Taproot 62 Hazel Olux Logging Village Gavel Long 275000 0
Out of My Mind 63 Todd, Viola, Prentiss Troms Wynn Medium 300000 1024
A Fighting Species 64 Darnes Warriors' Camp Gavel Medium 257500 1856
The Headless Hunt 64 Referick Dark Forest Gavel Long 355000 1024
Lost Royalty 65 Yavlis Troms Wynn Medium 290000 2048
Lost Soles 66 Ferndor Mansion in Dernel Jungle Wynn Long 352000 1152
From the Mountains 67 Anrod Pre-Light Forest Gavel Long 175000 1024
Memory Paranoia 67 Atisun Caritat Mansion Gavel Long 375000 1536
Temple of the Legends 68 Kelight Entrance to Temple Wynn Long 550000 0
Grand Youth 69 Monte Dernel Jungle Wynn Medium 425000 1024
Lazarus Pit 69 Burtur Gelibord Gavel Long 500000 1024
Haven Antiquity 70 Cinfras Dead Island Ocean Medium 300000 1048
WynnExcavation Site D 70 Royal Advisor Carlos The castle of Troms Wynn Long 600000 24576
Shattered Minds 70 Likeru Efelim Gavel Long 290000 2560
Finding The Light 71 Guardian of The Forest Light Forest Gavel Long 675000 0
Forbidden Prison 72 Prison Guard Forbidden Prison Gavel Medium 550000 0
Eye of the Storm 72 Arwes Lexdale Cathedral Gavel Long 725000 6106
Troubled Tribesmen 73 Ka L'argwit Dernel Jungle Wynn Medium 500000 2048
Hollow Sirene 73 Laloire Kander Forest Gavel Long 640000 1024
Reincarnation 74 Batelu Bob's Tomb Wynn Long 750000 0
Murder Mystery 74 Captain Lorias Cinfras Suburb Gavel Medium 350000 3072
Acquiring Credentials 74 Doan Letvus Airbase Gavel Long 300000 768
The Realm of Light 74 Aluxander The Realm of Light Gavel Long 750000 4096
Flight in Distress 75 Passenger Controllant Letvus Airbase Gavel Long 750000 0
The Ultimate Weapon 75 Dodegar Light Forest Gavel Medium 450000 0
Aldorei's Secret Part I 76 Elrund Aldorei Valley Gavel Long 512500 0 / 8192
The Bigger Picture 76 Psilo Mushroom Village Gavel Medium 500000 1920
The Hunger of Gerts Part I 77 Cikal Gylia Watchtower Gavel Long 675000 4864
Purple and Blue 77 Korun Cinfras County Gavel Long 500000 2048
The Hunger of Gerts Part II 78 Gerten Chief Lobo Gert Camp Gavel Long 730000 0
Aldorei's Secret Part II 78 Legolus Aldorei Town Gavel Long 450000 0 / 10240
Fallen Delivery 79 Bricot Cinfras County Gavel Long 1300000 2048
From the Bottom 80 Nakoba Thanos Gavel Long 700000 4096
General's Orders 80 Private Tylas Kitrios Barracks Gavel Long 1300000 0
??? 80  ???  ??? Gavel Medium 1400000 6144
The Thanos Vaults 81 Dolem Thanos Gavel Medium 775000 4096
The Belly of the Beast 82 King Burtan Thanos Gavel Medium 1250000 2048
A Marauder's Dues 83 Norsten Canyon of the Lost Gavel Medium 1375000 12288
The Envoy Part I 83 Olivin Selchar Ocean/Corkus Long 1750000 9152
The Canyon Guides 84 Gana Bantisu Air Temple Gavel Medium 1450000 2048
The Lost 85 Dejol Canyon of the Lost Gavel Medium 1575000 2048
The Canary Calls 85 Grenot Thesead Mines Gavel Medium 1575000 6144
Cowfusion 86 Ranol Canyon of the Lost Gavel Long 2300000 10112
Desperate Metal 86 Phinas Corkus Shore Corkus Medium 1550000 8138
Beyond the Grave 87 Irlok Bantisu Air Temple Gavel Medium 2100000 8192
Mixed Feelings 87 Javen Corkus Docks Corkus Long 1750000 12288
The Hidden City 88 Narder Thesead Mines Gavel Long 2700000 12288
Enter the Dojo 89 Sensei Miyagi Canyon of the Lost Gavel Long 2900000 12228
The Envoy Part II 89 Security Bot N4T17 Corkus City Corkus Long 3050000 16384
Fantastic Voyage 90 Relend Jofash Docks Ocean Long 3100000 6144
One Thousand Meters Under 95 Help Wanted Ahmsord Gavel Long 5500000 20480
Recipe for Disaster 96 Chef Hamsey Ahmsord Gavel Medium 4200000 4096
The Fortuneteller 97 Jill Kandon-Beda Gavel Medium 3900000 0
Royal Trials 98 Skyraider Guard Skyraider Base in the Sky Islands Gavel Long 7270000 24576

Dungeon Quests[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Quests are quests that were added in the 1.17 update. In order to do the specific Dungeon they correlate with, you must first complete the quest for that dungeon. These quests give the standard reward of XP upon completion, as well as a key to the dungeon, which can be used immediately after finishing the quest if you choose to.

Quest Name Min. Level Starter NPC Location Province Length XP Given
Sewers of Ragni 5 Jenprest Decrepit Sewers Wynn Medium 500
Arachnids' Ascent 14 Captain Enduyn Infested Pit Wynn Medium 850
Studying the Corrupt 21 Pottur Lost Sanctuary Wynn Medium 3600
The Dark Descent 24 General Graken Underworld Crypt Wynn Long 2400
Kingdom of Sand 33 Lanu Sand-Swept Tomb Wynn Long 10000
Fate of the Fallen 43 Telvu Ice Barrows Wynn Long 20000
Corrupted Betrayal 52 Troms Mage Undergrowth Ruins Wynn Long 87725
Redbeard's Booty 61 Marston Galleon's Graveyard Ocean Long 130000

Holiday Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Name Min. Level Starter NPC Location Province Length XP Given Emeralds Given
Macabre Masquerade 21 Mask Salesman Near Mount Wynn Wynn Short 10000 192
Craftmas Chaos 30 Tom Selchar Ocean Long 12000 640
Meaningful Holiday 33 Haily Almuj Wynn Long 15000 128
A Grave Mistake 50 Alem House of Twain Wynn Medium 66666 640

Special Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Name Levels Starter NPC Location Province Length XP Given Emeralds Given
Tower of Ascension 40-100 Ankou Tower of Ascension Wynn Long 925000 32768
The Qira Hive 80-100 Yansur The Qira Hive Gavel Long 6250000 -

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Quests will continue to be added.
  • Quests are based on levels.
  • You can only get the special reward for a Holiday quest in the season which it was released in.
  • Game Masters (GM) are the people that create new quests.
  • Until recently, Game Masters could not set the difficulty of a quest in the quest book (the difficulty was automatically calculated based on the amount of steps in the quest). However, with the new quest system, they can now manually decide a quest's difficulty.
  • If all quests are completed the player should have earned a total of 302436 emeralds(73.8Le)

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