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The charts below list all of the NPCs involved in the quests that can be completed around the provinces, and where to find them.

Note: These lists exclude insignificant object NPCs (such as the Catalyst Collectors in The Qira Hive), and white named NPCs (such as city citizens).


Quest NPCs[edit | edit source]

Quest Level NPCs Names Location Items
King's Recruit 1 Caravan Driver The Caravan in Ragni Outskirts -
Ragni's King Ragni's Castle
6 Emeralds

1 Ragni Teleportation Scroll
Enzan's Brother 1 Enzan Ragni East Gate
1 Therck's Chain
Therck Nivla Woods Entrance
Poisoning the Pest 2 Farmer Cevalus Ragni Northeast Fields
25 Emeralds
Cook Assistant 4 The Cook Ragni Bakery
28 Emeralds
Tunnel Trouble 5 Captain Fenor Detlas Suburb Cave Entrance
55 Emeralds
Drale Inside the cave
The Sewers of Ragni 5 Jenprest Outside Decrepit Sewers Dungeon -
Infested Plants 6 Ope Nivla Woods Near a coustm tree
5 Emeralds
Underwater 8 Omango Coastal Trail Shipwreck
32 Emeralds

Treasure Boots

Breathing Helmet
Sayrr Coastal Trail Sayyr's Boat
Elemental Exercise 10 Ragon Nivla Woods
1 Emerald Block
Ragon's Bracelet
1 Vibrant Augment
Mushroom Man 12 Yahya Nivla Woods Yahya's Hut
2 Emerald Blocks

Yahya's Stained Bowl
Arachnids' Ascent 14 Captain Enduyn Outside Infested Pit Dungeon -
Deja Vu 14 Asher Time Valley Outside the house
28 Emeralds
Creeper Infiltration 14 Thomas Pigmen's Ravines Hidden Village
1 Emerald Block
Potion Making 15 The Assistant Black Road Essren's Hut
32 Emeralds
Maltic's Well 18 Rynend Maltic Well
Maltic's Recommendation Letter
Grave Digger 20 Sayleros Detlas North Gate
2 Emerald Blocks
Drucksh Nemract Drucksh's House
The Priest Saint's Row Cathedral
Studying the Corrupt 21 Pottur The center of Sanctuary Bridge -
Macabre Masquerade ''Hallowynn 2014'' 21 Mask Salesman Mount Wynn Bottom
3 Emerald Blocks

Hallowynn Mask
Pit of the Dead 23 Merloni Pit of the Dead Outside Pit
Skeletal Legs
Cluck Cluck 23 Nohno Rooster Island Outside Nohno's House
Cluckles' Favourite Feather
The Dark Descent 24 General Graken Outside Underworld Crypt Dungeon -
Dwelling Walls 24 Leucsaa Nemract Outside the mansion
2 Emerald Block
Recover the Past 25 Dr. Picard Tower of Amnesia Inside the tower
Skill Reset Scroll
Shattered Memory Shard
Lost Tower 26 Laen Nemract Outside Cutting Lodge
1 Emerald Block
The Corrupted Village 26 Orikal Corrupted Village Outside Orikal's Tent
136 Emeralds

1 Corrupted Potato
Misadventure on the Sea 28 Barman Nemract bar -
The Mercenary 28 Mylo Nemract Watchtower
6 Emerald Blocks
Amerigo Almuj Amerigo's House
Craftmas Chaos 30 Tom Selchar Outside House -
Green Gloop 31 Eluzterp Desert Outside Slime Cave
3 Emerald Blocks

Slime Scooper

Slime Scooper
Yodbon Almuj Yodbon's Glass Blowery
A Sandy Scandal 32 Almuj Bank Guard Near the Almuj Bank
128 Emeralds
Stable Story 34 Enkser Ternaves Stable
1 Brown Horse
Kingdom of Sand 33 Lanu Outside Sand-Swept Tomb Dungeon -
Meaningful Holiday 33 Haily Almuj Charity Building -
Tribal Aggression 35 Caras Mesa Owl Camp
12 Emerald Blocks
Favian Mesa Eagle Camp
WynnExcavation Site A 35 Excavator Vade Desert Excavation Site Yellow Crystal Shard
Tesha Desert Excavation Site
Wrath of the Mummy 36 Ormrod Desert Ormrod's Camp
2 Emerald Blocks

Mummy's Rag
Achper Almuj Front Gate
Bandit Desert Outside Mummy's Tomb
Canyon Condor 38 Svin Rymek Boat
10 Emerald Blocks
Jankan Mesa Mine
Hermit Mesa Cliff
Pirate's Trove 39 Damiral Llevigar Port East Dock
168 Emeralds
Tower of Ascension 40 Ankou Tower of Ascension Bottom Floor
8 Liquid Emeralds

Champion Armour
Ice Nations 40 Adigard Ice Islands Nodguj Nation
Climbing Helmet

4 Emerald Blocks
Hallfred Ice Islands Dujgon Nation
Heart of Llevigar 41 Zenam Llevigar Zenam's laboratory
3 Emerald Blocks,
32 Emeralds

Generator Amulet
Head Engineer LlevigarLlevigar Power Plant
Star Thief 42 - Llevigar Plains
8 Emerald Blocks
Clearing the Camps 42 Captain Kymer Llevigar Near Plains entrance
4 Emerald Blocks,
44 Emeralds
Underice 43 Fredris Nesaak Lake
2 Emerald Blocks
Calamaro Nesaak Lake Squid Village
Fate of the Fallen 43 Telvu Ice Barrows entrance 1 Avalanche
1 Ice Barrows Dungeon Key
Psern Past Nesaak
Theorick Past Nesaak
Green Skinned Trouble 44 Piere Llevigar Plains Ransacked Farm
16 Emerald Blocks
Detective Jackson Llevigar Plains Jackson's Caravan
Bob's Lost Soul 45 Tarod Nesaak Forest Path
Bob's Battle Chestplate
Wedyf Bremminglar Cooking Fire
The Blacksmith Ternaves Blacksmith Shop
WynnExcavation Site B 46 Excavator Lykron Haunted Mansion Excavation Site Purple Crystal Shard
Flendar Haunted Mansion Excavation Site
Frost Bite 48 Eppo Ice Canyon Cave
10 Emerald Blocks
The House of Twain 49 Twendle Haunted Mansion Path
2 Liquid Emeralds
Rise of the Quartron 49 Manager Nasea Karoc Quarry Southern Quarry
22 Emerald Block

Quartron's Eye

Tattytale Flower
Dado Karoc Quarry Northern Quarry
Rinire Llevigar Plains Karoc Spider Cave
Kaosuw Karoc Quarry Secret Laboratory
An Iron Heart Part I 49 Duvale Bucie West entrance
2 Emerald Blocks

Factory Helmet
A Grave Mistake 50 Alem Twain Mansion Twain Graveyard

The Maiden Tower 51 Sherk Olux Swamp Sherk's Outhouse
8 Emerald Blocks
Erlard Olux Swamp Outside Cursed Tower
Corrupted Betrayal 52 Troms Mage Outside Undergrowth Ruins Dungeon -
Jungle Fever 52 Worid Jungle Village Outside house
1 Liquid Emerald

64 Almuj's Liquified Emeralds
Banker Detlas Bank
Almuj Banker Almuj's Emerald Labyrinth
Crop Failure 52 Anast Olux West Olux Farms
10 Emerald Blocks
Doubiss Olux Near Merchant Stands
Master Piece 53 Caissop Olux Swamp Caissop's Tent
Caissop's Master Piece
Death Whistle 53 Voer Olux Swamp Merchant Caravan
10 Emerald Blocks
The Worm Holes 54 Malo Olux Swamp West Swamp Outpost
12 Emerald Blocks
The Shadow of the Beast 54 Dereg Olux Swamp Outside house
8 Emerald Blocks

Crushed Bigfoot Bone

Stringy Hair

Monster Toenail
Tolem Olux Swamp Outside their house
Rileen Olux Swamp Logging Village
Zhight Island 55 Zhight Zhight Island Near his hut Zhight Island Outside house
16 Zhight Money
Odd Smelling Crate
Phief Mage Island Center
Tirt Ice Islands Viking Ship
Czytash Maro Peaks Camp
WynnExcavation Site C 55 Excavator Placardus Volcanic Island Excavation Site Red Crystal Shard
The Passage 57 Wirt The Passage South Entrance -
Ildan Troms Outside Weapons Shop
An Iron Heart Part II 58 Detective Hart Olux Outside Bank
8 Emerald Blocks

Greaves of Honor


Shameful Greaves

12 Emerald Blocks
Daxe Olux Swamp Inside House
Elio Olux Swamp Swamp Village
Dr. Urelix Golem Factory Office
The Order of the Grook 59 Seasum Mage Island In one of the houses Varies
Beneath the Depths 60 Javier Pirate Town House
1 Emerald

Abysso Galoshes

Faded Map
Dalben Mage Island Center
Redbeard's Booty 61 Marston Outside Galleon's Graveyard Dungeon -
Reclaiming the House 61 Ahmas Olux Swamp Dweller Camp
1 Liquid Emerald,
32 Emerald Blocks
Lost in the Jungle 62 Gracen Jungle Village Staircase
24 Emerald Blocks

Gemstone Dust
Aryn Dernel Jungle Temple
Taproot 62 Hazel Olux Swamp Logging Village Potion of Light

Tiek Dark Forest Tiek's House
Out of My Mind 63 Prentiss
Troms The Kid Fort
16 Emerald Blocks

Troms Kid Badge
Ariodo Ariodo's Lab Test Chamber
A Fighting Species 64 Darnes Olux Swamp Warriors' Camp
29 Emerald Blocks
Upgraded Orc Mask
The Headless Hunt 64 Referick Dark Forest Village
1 Liquid Emerald,
16 Emerald Blocks
Lost Royalty 65 Yavlis Troms North End
1 Liquid Emerald
Mercenary Leader Jungle Hideout
King's Son
Lost Soles 66 Ferndor Dernel Jungle Manor Entrance
48 Emerald Blocks

Sodeta Boots
Grandon Dernel Jungle Manor Dining Room
From the Mountains 67 Anrod Pre-Light Forest Outside House
32 Emerald Blocks

Fire Wire

Holy Water
Rynver Pre-Light Forest Quarry Mountain
Memory Paranoia 67 Atisun Dark Forest Outside Erca Mansion
48 Emerald Blocks

Ring of Generosity
Mister Caritats Letter
Timmy Dark Forest Erca Mansion
Mr. Caritat
Temple of the Legends 68 Kelight Jungle Temple of the Legends Entrance
Helmet of the Legends
Jorkin Detlas Suburb Nether Portal
Rayshyroth Mage Island Floating Island
Garull Pigmen's Ravines Creeper Hideout
Grand Youth 69 Monte Jungle Wall
32 Emerald Blocks

Prepared Bottle

Healing Water
Salesman Troms Pool
Isfurus Dernel Jungle Fountain
Erisk Dernel Jungle Fountain's Heart
Lazarus Pit 69 Burtur Gelibord Northeast Side
24 Emerald Blocks

Lazarus' Brace

Healing Water
Vesdar Dark Forest Beneath Ruined Home
Sesad Dark Forest Lazarus Pit
WynnExcavation Site D 70 Royal Advisor Carlos Troms Castle Throne Room -
Haven Antiquity 70 Cinfras Dead Island Docks
1048 Emeralds
Old Siwel Dead Island Dead Mansion
Siwel Alive Island Alive Mansion
Shattered Minds 70 Likeru Efilim Dock
40 Emerald Blocks

Psychomend Vest
Bluecap Mushrooms
Dawm Light Forest Forest Mushroom Cave
Elder Berusia Efilim Underneath Lake
Finding The Light 71 Guardian of The Forest Light Forest West End
Clearsight Spectacles

Note of the Selfless
Canned Abis

Coin of the Charitable

Tears of the Honest
Ollie Cinfras Ollie's Optometry
Charlie Cinfras South Gate
Jack Cinfras North Gate
Damien Cinfras County Damien's House
Sasha The Apothecary Cinfras House 19
Gardener Cinfras Gardens
Forbidden Prison 72 Prison Guard Kander Forest The Forbidden Prison -
Eye of the Storm 72 Arwes Kander Forest Ruined Cathedral
Abyssal Amulet

1 Liquid Emerald,
31 Emerald Blocks,
26 Emeralds
Talos Kander Forest Beneath Crypt Ruins
Ceyquin Lexdale Outside House
Rismor Kander Forest Outside House
Harker Kander Forest Pit of Despair
Troubled Tribesmen 73 Ka L'argwit Dernel Jungle Tribesmen Camp -
Hollow Sirene 73 Laloire Kander Forest Laloire's House
1 Liquid Emerald
Pastor Nitram Kander Forest Cemetery
Reincarnation 74 Batelu Bob's Tomb East End
Corrupted Treasure
Murder Mystery 74 Captain Lorias Cinfras Suburbs Outside Eminar's House
48 Emerald Blocks

Detective's Ring
Rohem CinfrasHouse 09
Valimare Cinfras Sewers
Acquiring Credentials 74 Doan Letvus Airbase Main Entrance
12 Emerald Blocks

Dusty Passport
Black Market Guard Letvus Airbase Black Market
Peculiar Old Man
Document Merchant
The Realm of Light 74 Aluxander The Realm of Light Realm Entrance
Helmet of Shimmering Light

Cloak of Luminosity

1 Liquid Emeralds
Regulux Heliolux Village Underground Building
Heliorion Heliolux Village Village Gate
Gaclux The Realm of Light Orphion's Dungeon
Flight in Distress 75 Passenger Controllant Letvus Airbase Top Floor

Engineer's Note

Ring of Rubies

2 Liquid Emeralds
Captain Ackbar Airship Control Deck
Missing Child Airship Ship Nose
Engineer Eric Airship Engine Room
Calo Letvus Airbase/Detlas Private Airship
The Ultimate Weapon 75 Dodegar Light Forest Hobbit Village
Dodegar's Ultimate Weapon
Aldorei's Secret Part I 76 Elrund Aldorei Valley West Entrance
Sunblight Boots
The Bigger Picture 76 Psilo Mushroom Village Outside House
1 Liquid Emerald,
28 Emerald Blocks

Giant's Ring

Gnome's Ring
The Hunger of Gerts Part 1 77 Cikal Gylia Watchtower in Lake Gylia
1 Liquid Emerald,
14 Emerald Blocks
Purple and Blue 77 Korun Korun's House in Lake Gylia
2 Liquid Emeralds,
20 Emerald Blocks

Restored Ancient Helmet
The Hunger of Gerts Part 2 78 Gerten Chief Lobo Upper Camp in Gert Camp
1 Liquid Emerald,
24 Emerald Blocks
Gerten Ritual Mask
Aldorei's Secret Part II 78 Legolus Outside a House in Aldorei Town -
Elrund Aldorei Valley Togak's Dungeon
Fallen Delivery 79 Bricot Near Burning Airship in Cinfras County
1 Liquid Emerald,
48 Emerald Blocks
Marden Cinfras County Bandit Camp
Gawrick Cinfras House 03
Office Manager Letvus Airbase Top Floor
From the Bottom 80 Nakoba Northwest Corner of Thanos Bazaar
1 Liquid Emerald,
Unusual Egg

1 Troll Hair

Cap of the Elusive Leprechaun

Bob's Diary

Claw of Lethirath, the Fire Demon

Golden Phoenix Feather of the 5th Age
Bottled Dust of the Fallen Angel Star

Amulet of the First of the Fallen

Horn of the Elven God Entia
Dobile Thanos Bazaar Southwest Corner
Lodog Thanos Bazaar Northwest Corner
Dohstaj Thanos Bazaar East End
General's Orders 80 Private Tylas Entrance of Kitrios Barracks
Changeling's Chestplate

2 Liquid Emeralds
General Lecade Kitrios Barracks Lecade's Office
Lieutenant Gren Kitrios Barracks Demolition Site
The Qira Hive 80 Yansur Path to Divisions in The Qira Hive Hive Vouchers
??? 80 Mehme ? -
The Thanos Vaults 81 Dolem Outside Treasure Room in Thanos
1 Liquid Emerald,
32 Emerald Blocks
The Belly of the Beast 82 King Burtan West End of Thanos
2 Liquid Emeralds,
32 Emerald Blocks

Dragon Hide Plate

Enchanted Flower
Tharroli Ozoth's Gut Stomach
The Envoy Part I 83 Olivin The fountain in Selchar
Maxie's House Key
Maxie The Five Gears Diner
Corkus Delegate Corkus City From the docks to the city
A Marauder's Dues 83 Norsten Bandit Gate in Canyon of the Lost
3 Liquid Emeralds
Volmor Canyon of the Lost Atop Volmor's Tower
The Canyon Guides 84 Gana On the outskirts of Bantisu in Bantisu Air Temple
32 Emerald Blocks
Seluc Canyon of the Lost Inside of a cave
The Canary Calls 85 Grenot Thesead coal mines
32 Emerald Blocks
The Lost 85 Dejol Near Kandon-Beda in Canyon of the Lost
1 Liquid Emerald,
48 Emerald Blocks

5 Letters

Canyon Chart
Ansei Canyon of the Lost Gnome Cave
Felim Canyon of the Lost Ferocious Bear Cave
Kofis Canyon of the Lost Close to Dejol
Sytis Canyon of the Lost Tower
Yuge Canyon of the Lost Wooden Mountain Path
Cowfusion 86 Ranol Near Eltom in Canyon of the Lost
2 Liquid Emeralds,
30 Emerald Blocks
Ibele Canyon of the Lost Nearby Ranol, when the player is a cow
Drale Inside the hideout
Veekhat Canyon of the Lost Inside his laboratory
Desperate Metal 86 Phinas Phinas' House in Corkus Shore
2 Liquid Emeralds

Mech Core
Mixed Feelings 87 Javen Bar in Corkus Docks
3 Liquid Emeralds
Beyond the Grave 87 Irlok Air Temple in Bantisu Air Temple
2 Liquid Emeralds,
30 Emerald Blocks
Death Death's Realm Inside his mansion
The Hidden City 88 Narder Near the Thesead coal mine
1 Liquid Emeralds
Hilan Eltom Airship boarding deck
Thesead's Mayor Thesead Her office on the third level
The Envoy Part II 89 Security Bot N4T17 Maxie's House in Corkus City
Electro Mage's Boots

Fallen Factory Key

4 Liquid Emeralds
Maxie Corkus City Maxie house
Avos Chief Avos Territory Avos Village
Grandmaster Shaman Avos Territory Close to the Avos Temple
Enter the Dojo 89 Sensei Miyagi Outside the dojo in Sakura Dojo -
Fantastic Voyage 90 Relend In front of Little Wing in Jofash Docks
4 Liquid Emeralds,
32 Emerald Blocks

Pendant of Prosperity
Dwarves and Doguns Part I 91 Lozeg Near Rodoroc's Theatre -
Dwarves and Doguns Part II 92 Dogun Chieftain In Dogun's Retreat -
Dwarves and Doguns Part III 93 Korzim In Dogun's Retreat -
Dwarves and Doguns Part IV 94 Korzim In Maex -
One Thousand Meters Under 95 Help Wanted Near merchants in Ahmsord
32 Emerald Blocks

Ominous Wind
Captain Olof Varies; Inside the submarine, or on islands
Celuuse Void Village Center of the village
Kantor Submarine's bottom level
Rontaid Void Village Outside of the village
Scientist Ynnos Ahmsord At the end of the quest
The Secretary Ahmsord Conference office
Recipe For Disaster 96 Chef Hamsey Ahmsord Inside Sky's Kitchen
1 Liquid Emerald

Chef Hamsey's Apron (Brie)

Smoldering Apron (Kale)

Sky Chef's Apron (Frank)
The Fortuneteller 97 Jill Kandon-Beda
Wealth or Knowledge
Farcor Canyon of the Lost Clouds above the canyon
Royal Trials 98 Skyraider Guard Trials Building in Raiders' Port
1 Liquid Emeralds

The Queen's Headpiece
Hrona Raiders' Port Close to Skyraider Guard
Trials Overseer Raiders' Port At the end of the quest
A Journey Beyond 100 Elphaba Inside a bar in Detlas -
The Olmic Rune 100 - Abandoned Drill in Ruined Olmic City Access to Tol Altar
A Journey Further 101 Aledar Lutho -
Point of No Return 102 Lutho Citizen Lutho -
A Hunter's Calling 103 ??? Portal to Dern -