Quartz Driller

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Quartz Driller

Item Bow
Min. Level 39
Type Unique
Class Archer/Hunter
Powder Slots 2
Obtain Merchant
Attack Speed Normal
Base Damage
Neutral 25-35
Earth 15-20
Thunder 10-35
Dexterity Minimum: 10

Quartz Driller is a Unique level 39 Bow, available from Llevigar's Weapon Merchant. It gives Earth and Thunder-based bonuses, including a raw buff to melee damage, as well as small boosts to experience and loot bonuses.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

Quartz Driller can be bought from the Llevigar Weapon Merchant for 3 Emerald Blocks and 32 Emeralds, and is pre-identified.

Identification Preset Value
 XP Bonus   +6 % 
 Loot Bonus   +6 % 
 Strength   +3  
 Dexterity   +3  
 Raw Melee Damage   +5