Qira, Mistress of the Hive

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Qira, Mistress of the Hive
Species Unknown
Level 150
Quest The Qira Hive (Quest)
Health 1220000
Special Drops Master Catalyst
Elemental Effects
Neutral 1000-3000 Damage
Earth 200-600 Damage, 300 Defense
Thunder 200-600 Damage, 300 Defense
Water 200-600 Damage, 300 Defense
Fire 200-600 Damage, 300 Defense
Air 200-600 Damage, 300 Defense

Qira, Mistress of the Hive is the final boss of The Qira Hive, as well as the owner of the eponymous Qira Hive. She is an extremely tough opponent, recommended to be fought only at Lv. 96 or higher. Qira alternates strategy in between phases, and can freeze unwary players with her signature attack (shared with only two other beings): a ring of cobwebs. She has very high elemental defenses. A large portion damage comes from Qira's drones, which appear as spiders. Getting caught in webs and being swarmed may mean the end of the fight.

Phases[edit | edit source]

Phase 1

In this phase, Qira has 360000 HP. Qira in this phase will have a Support AI, meaning she will follow and aim towards minions. Due to this, it is very easy to dodge her attacks. However, she is unable to damage the hive drones. In addition to her signature spider web attack, she uses Heal, Heavy Flamethrower, Wave and Heavy Push. Focus on damaging her, as failure to deplete her health quickly will result in your effort being for naught from her heal.

Phase 2

In this phase, Qira has 360000 HP, not unlike the first. Qira switches to using melee attacks. Keep her away at all costs, and be wary of her spider web spell. She will have no trouble at all hitting you while you are immobilized. Additionally, if you are too far away, she may use a Heavy Pull spell. Alternatively, she will utilize Heavy Teleport. Always pay attention to her position, as she is able to use Vanish. Under similar circumstances, she can use a punishing Heavy Multihits.

Phase 3

This is Qira's final form. Her HP is upped to 500000. She will act very similarly to the original Qira as she has a Ranged AI. Along with her signature attack, she can use Teleport and Heavy Pull to decrease your distance from her. However, don't get too close, as she can use Meteor as well. Pay attention to the ground, watch to see if she casts a spell, and pray a group of drones doesn't swarm you.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Qira only decides to fight the player because they apparently impressed her with their skills venturing through the rest of the Hive.
  • She was at one point asked to eliminate the Decay, but refused to do so.
  • On legendary island, Dr. Legendary want to replicate her as the final battle in his island but she refused and said that if he does so, death would be one of his best option for him.