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Professions are skills that the player may level up and use to gather and craft items.

Gathering Professions[edit | edit source]

Gathering Professions are professions based on mining, cutting, harvesting, and catching resources located throughout the world.

The four gathering professions are:

Each gathering profession requires its own Gathering Tool to collect resources; Pickaxes for Mining, Axes for Woodcutting, Scythes for Farming, and Rods for Fishing. Gathering is as simple as left-clicking with the correct tool on the resource. Initially, gathered resources are unprocessed and have a carrying weight. In order to use them for crafting, they must be taken to the appropriate Refinery and be refined into Crafting Materials. Both gathering resources and refining resources will give the player XP in that profession. Leveling up the gathering professions will give you access to higher-level resources.

Crafting Professions[edit | edit source]

Crafting Professions are professions based on crafting weapons, armours, accessories, foods, potions, and scrolls.

The eight crafting professions are:

Each crafting profession has its own corresponding crafting station that can be used to craft the items of that profession. Crafting items will give you XP in that profession, and leveling up the crafting professions will give you access to higher-level ingredients and recipes. Using ingredients while crafting will give you much more XP for that profession, depending on the level of the ingredients.