Powder Spirits

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Powder Spirits are passive mobs that have replaced the Powder Imps. There are five types of Powder Spirits, each relating to each of the five Elements, and can spawn anywhere in the Wynn Province. They will try to flee from the player on sight, and when killed, will drop a Tier 1 and Tier 2 powder of the element that they are related to. On some rare occasions, they also drop a Tier 3 Powder of that element.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
FirePowderSpirit.png Fire Powder Spirit 1 60 - - -
Fire Powder I

Fire Powder II or

Fire Powder III
AirPowderSpirit.png Air Powder Spirit 1 60 - - -
Air Powder I

Air Powder II or

Air Powder III
WaterPowderSpirit.png Water Powder Spirit 1 60 - - -
Water Powder I

Water Powder II or

Water Powder III
EarthPowderSpirit.png Earth Powder Spirit 1 60 - - -
Earth Powder I

Earth Powder II or

Earth Powder III
ThunderPowderSpirit.png Thunder Powder Spirit 1 60 - - -
Thunder Powder I

Thunder Powder II or

Thunder Powder III