Powder Master

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Powder Master
NPC Info
Location Nivla Woods, Detlas, Nemract, Almuj, Nesaak, Troms, Pirate Island

Llevigar, Olux, Gelibord, Cinfras, Thesead, Rodoroc, Kandon-Beda, Ahmsord

Corkus City, Legendary Island

The Powder Master is an NPC situated in major towns throughout the provinces of Gavel and Wynn, as well as in Corkus. As the name suggests, the Powder Master's primary function is to allow players to apply or remove Powders from their Weapons and Armour for a price of Emeralds. Most Powder Masters also have a Powder Manual NPC near them, which are books describing how powders themselves function.

Usage[edit | edit source]

A GUI with three icons will appear upon right-clicking a Powder Master. Clicking on each icon will allow the use of the Powder Master's different functions.

Adding Powders[edit | edit source]

To add powders to a piece of equipment with open powder slots, first click on the green plus sign on the left side of the GUI. Then click on the weapon/armour in your inventory you wish to apply the powders to. Following this, click on the powder(s) you want to put on it, and click on the checkmark in the top right corner if it is green to apply them. This will extract emeralds from your inventory, and if the amount of emeralds in your inventory is insufficient, you can scroll over the red checkmark to view how many you need.

Upgrading Powders[edit | edit source]

Powder Masters also have the ability to combine multiple powders into one of a higher tier. To do this, first click the yellow arrow symbol in the center of the GUI. Then you must click on four powders from your inventory and then click on the green checkmark to combine them. This process also requires emeralds, so if you don't have enough emeralds in your inventory you can scroll over the checkmark to see how many you need. Combining the same four powders is guaranteed to produce a powder of the same type one tier higher, but you can also mix different types of them. There is a random chance of what type of powder it will produce, but you can view the probability of it by hovering over the checkmark.

Removing Powders[edit | edit source]

To remove powders from your equipment, first click on the red "X" on the right side of the GUI. Click on all items that you want to remove powders from, and click the checkmark in the right corner if it is green. Doing so will remove all powders from the items given. This can be somewhat costly though, and the powders will be lost forever once removed.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Wynn Province[edit | edit source]

 Location   Nivla Woods   X   -165   Y      Z   -1631 
  • In the eastern forest, Nivla's Powder Master is in a small hut aside the main trail.
 Location   Detlas   X   493   Y      Z   -1621 
  • The Powder Master in Detlas is marked with an orange flag and "carpet" in the north-northeast corner of the city.
 Location   Nemract   X   180   Y      Z   -2165 
  • Nemract's Powder Master is situated next to the big house for the quest Mansion Delivery on the east side of town.
 Location   Almuj   X   954   Y      Z   -1924 
  • In Almuj, it is on the second level and directly across from the town's Scroll Merchant.
 Location   Nesaak   X   118   Y      Z   -791 
  • The Powder Master in Nesaak is on the south side of town in a house between the Potion and Scroll Merchants.
 Location   Troms   X   -834   Y      Z   -941 
  • In Troms, the Powder Master is just northeast of the Bank area.
 Location   Pirate Island   X   -653   Y      Z   -3069 
  • The Powder Master in Pirate Cove is on both the lower and middle floors in the southeast area of town.

Gavel Province[edit | edit source]

 Location   Llevigar   X   -1845   Y      Z   -4560 
  • The Powder Master is in a building on the east side of Llevigar near the Weapon and Armour Merchants.
 Location   Olux   X   -1757   Y      Z   -5504 
  • The Olux Powder Master is near the center of the town, directly southwest of the Bank.
 Location   Gelibord   X   -1000   Y      Z   -5314 
  • Gelibord's Powder Master, which is east of the Bank, is accessible through a low pathway close to the water.
 Location    Cinfras   X   -461   Y      Z   -4969 
  • In the north section of Cinfras, the Powder Master is located in a pink stand next to the Scroll Merchant.
 Location   Thesead   X   779   Y      Z   -5063 
  • The Thesead Powder Master is in a merchant stand directly left of the city's entrance.
 Location   Rodoroc   X   1132   Y      Z   -5198 
  • In Rodoroc, the Powder Master is in a stand that is close to the city's northern entrance.
 Location   Kandon-Beda   X   728   Y   153   Z   -4465 
  • The Powder Master's area can be found right next to the Item Identifier in Kandon-Beda.
 Location   Ahmsord   X   972   Y      Z   -4540 
  • Ahmsord's Powder Master is in the western building, next to the staircase which goes into it.

Corkus[edit | edit source]

 Location   Corkus City   X   -1599   Y      Z   -2872 
  • The Powder Master in Corkus City is down the south street at the end. It is across from the Powder Exchange.
 Location   Legendary Island   X   -1156   Y      Z   -2381 
  • The Powder Master on Legendary Island is located to the right of the temple, alongside the island's other amenities. A Powder Master is also present inside the temple in between battles.

Powder Manual[edit | edit source]

The Powder Manual is an in-game guide to Powders. It consists of 3 chapters, which can be found in different cities. Chapter 1 can be found in Detlas and most other cities in Wynn, while Chapter 2 can be found in Troms, and Chapter 3 can be found in Gavel cities including Rodoroc and Cinfras.