Point of No Return

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Point of No Return
Quest Info
Level 102
Reward As follows:

Point of No Return is an upcoming quest in the 1.19 update.

Preview[edit | edit source]

The last citizen of Lutho that still has his connection to his soul tells you that you have to make a decision about keeping a connection to your soul. Then you get separated from you body and must go through several puzzles.

You'll work trough them with the help of your soul.

After you completed everything and left the darkness, you arrive at happy Lutho.

Its basically Lutho before the darkness took over. You'll be directed to the obelisk, inside the obelisk you'll be transported on top of it.

Then a soul of someone you've been following in the second half of the puzzle series talks to you.

After that, go back to reality in the back-door of Lutho.

You'll be teleported back a couple of times, but you'll be getting closer and closer to the portal that brings you back to reality.

Once you are back, talk to the NPC and claim your reward. You've earned it...

well...considering you read this "guide" ...I don't think that you should get those emeralds. ;)