Pit of Despair

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Pit of Despair NaturalIcon.png
Pit of Despair.png
A tree frontal view of the Pit of Despair
Discovery Lore
This hellish pit is being used by the cultists of the Kander Forest to summon the powerful demon, Naragath.
Coordinates X: -538, Z: -5573
Suggested Level 72
Involved Quests Eye of the Storm
Type/Biomes Hell
Monsters Revenant,
Infernal Imp,
Acolyte of the Order,
Corrupted Soul,
Magus of the Order,
Abyssal Wight,
Obelisk of the Eye,
Hollow Shade,
Hierophant of the Order,
Sacrificial Remains,
Corrupted Magus,
Uses Quest, grinding
Requirements Partial completion of Eye of the Storm

The Pit of Despair was created by the Order of the Abyss, while trying to summon a demon, Naragath. Underneath the giant hand of this demon, many hell-bound mobs spawn in great numbers. It is located in the Kander Forest just north of Lexdale.