Pirate's Trove

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Pirate's Trove
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Llevigar Port
Province Gavel
Combat Level 39
Starter NPC Damiral
Reward As follows:

Pirate's Trove is a medium level 39 quest located at the Llevigar Port. It is the first Gavel quest a player will encounter. It is an introductory puzzle driven quest which informs the player about the new puzzles added during the Gavel update.

Preview[edit | edit source]

Damiral, who resides in the port of Llevigar, has heard of tales telling of a secret treasure located within Llevigar; the treasure was put there by a great pirate captain by the name of Hastor. Damiral tells the player that the treasure is hidden by riddles and puzzles but, since he cannot figure them out, he tasks the player with finding the treasure.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Damiral.

 Location   Llevigar Port   X   -1937  Y   38  Z   -4259  Wynncraft Map 



  • Damiral: Lo, adventurer! Welcome to the great province of Gavel, home of the villager race, and yours truly.
  • Damiral: But enough with the pleasantries. Tell me... have you ever heard the tale of the great pirate, Captain Hastor? Sailed the seas a long time ago.
  • Damiral: Legend says that he lived just beyond those gates, in the quartz city of Llevigar and that he hid his fortune somewhere in the city!
  • Damiral: I'm a retired sailor now, but I could still do with a few extra emeralds from that treasure. Perhaps, if you're up to it... we could come to an agreement?
  • Damiral: I have a riddle, the first of a number of clues that are supposed to lead to where Hastor hid his fortune, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.
  • Damiral: Maybe you'll be able to solve it, and if you can, I'll make sure to pay you a good sum for your services.
  • Damiral: This first riddle goes like so: "Toward the sunset, among the northern flowers shaded by quartz".
  • Damiral: I've heard rumors that the others are engraved on blocks of black stone; it may be a good idea to look for those.
  • Damiral: I do wish you good luck, adventurer. Remember, everything you need to solve the clues should be found somewhere inside Llevigar.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Search Llevigar for the grey stone using the clue: Toward the sunset, among the northern flowers shaded by quartz

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the First Clue.
First Clue
  • Toward the sunset: this means west because that's where the sun sets.
  • Among the northern flowers shaded by quartz: this could only mean the northern gardens.

Combining these two directions, you get the north-western garden-bed.


Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Find the second piece of black stone using the clue: "In a place of identity, above the leaves and between the glass"

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the Second Clue.
Second Clue
  • In a place of identity: this signifies the identifier's house.
  • Above the leaves and between the glass: the identifier's place has a tree, so the stone is above the tree but under the glass.

When you enter the identifier's house take a left. Attempt to climb the tree seen when you turn left - do not climb the stairs as you will get disoriented - or follow the green carpets.


Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Find the third piece of black stone using the clue: "In an emerald fountain, surrounded by the wealth of the villagers"

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the Third Clue.
Third Clue
  • In an emerald fountain, surrounded by the wealth of the villagers"': this clue's flag is found on top of the fountain in the plaza outside the bank, above the door to Gavel.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Find the treasure using the clue: "Beneath the cowl of the eastern titan, keeping watch over our heads"

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the Fourth Clue.
Fourth Clue
  • Beneath the cowl of the eastern titan: there are two big stone villagers who sit by the gate, holding weapons. There is something beneath the eastern titan's 'headwear', so climb onto the eastern titan, and into its western eye.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Return to Damiral about what you found.


  • Damiral: How's the search for Hastor's treasure going?
  • Damiral: My... you've really done it! After all this time... I could be set for life now! With all those emeralds...
  • Damiral: Really, thank you so much for your help today. As promised, here's a good portion of my own personal savings.
  • Damiral: You really should visit the rest of Gavel some time. So many wonderful places to see!
  • Damiral: I'll be on my way then. Got to get the treasure, all that treasure... heh...
  • Damiral: But I won't keep you! Farewell, and I do hope to see you again, adventurer!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first Gavel quest.