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Pirate's Bay

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Pirate's Bay SiteIcon.png
A screenshot of the bay
Discovery Lore
A massive pirate ship crashed here with such severity, the hull was moulded into the cliffside. Some say that there is still treasure hidden inside.
Coordinates X: 490, Z: -2050
Minimum Suggested Level 20
Type/Biomes Ocean Bay
Uses Decoration

The Pirate's Bay is a cove located east of Nemract and Saint's Row. The bay is divided into an upper and lower bay; a small hut is built on the upper part, although as of the 1.12 Mob Update, no villagers spawn in the area. Several boats and a campsite are also found around the bay. A cave with a shipwreck and a small pirate camp is located in the lower bay. A second, significantly larger shipwreck is located above ground, on top of the west cliff of the bay. Several level 16 Pirates spawn in this wreck, as well as a mini-boss, the level 22 Drunk Captain. Two Loot Chests, Tiers I and II, spawn in the area. Pyranhas spawn in the water of the lower bay, which can make swimming dangerous for lower-level players.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • The Shipwreck Cavern is located in a cave on the left side of the bay.
  • The Treasure Room is a room at the end of a cave to the right of the bay where a button opens the top block and a mage must teleport in.
  • The Shipwreck is located on the western cliff above the bay, and contains several Pirates and a loot chest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On the Wynncraft Map, this area is labelled as Pirate's Bay. However, according to the Wynncraft Territory map, the area is named Cathedral Harbour.
  • The name might refer to the late torrenting site Pirate Bay.
  • There used to be a hidden parkour course that ended up never being complete.

Gallery[edit | edit source]