Pharaoh Nabak

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Pharaoh Nabak
Pharoh Nabak.png
Type Zombie
Level 40
Quest WynnExcavation Site A
Special Drops Yellow Crystal Shard

Pharaoh Nabak is the Quest Boss for the quest WynnExcavation Site A. He drops a Yellow Crystal Shard, which is needed for the completion of the quest. He is in a large room with a huge yellow crystal hanging from the ceiling and wears golden armour. It's a boss in 3 forms, and the crystal that you have to collect in order to complete WynnExcavation Site A is dropped by the seconde form, the third being useless.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pharaoh Nabak previously had a typo in his name, he used to be called "Pharoh Nabak".
  • A crate with his sarcophagus in it can be found in the Excavation Site.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Yellow Crystal room
The Yellow Crystal Room where Pharaoh Nabak is found