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Pets are companions that you can buy with money in the store. You can have up to three pets summoned at one time. You can also purchase the ability to rename pets and horses by purchasing a donor rank. This can be used with the /rename command, whilst having only the pet you wish to rename equipped.

There are two types of pets: Ones that are only bought through the store, and Wybels, which cannot be bought and are only found through Loot Crates.

NOTE: After update 1.12 pets lost their ability to deal damage and for now serve only as decorative adding; likely due in part to the EULA of Minecraft. They will have more functions later.

Pets[edit | edit source]

Image Name
Rat pet.png Rat
Rolling potato.png Rolling Potato
Spooky pumpkin.png Spooky Pumpkin
Grumpy old man.png Grumpy Old Man
Singing tiger.png Singing Tiger
Playful bear.png Playful Bear
Wasp.png Wasp
Baby penguin.png Baby Penguin
Water dragonling.png Water Dragonling
Fire dragonling.png Fire Dragonling

Special Pets[edit | edit source]

The following pets cannot be purchased from the store or obtained from Loot Crates.

Pets (Legacy)[edit | edit source]

All pets that can be purchased from the in-game shop with residual gold coins

Icon Item Price (GC)

Chicken 180

Cow 180

Pig 180

Sheep 180

Zombie 280

Skeleton 280

Spider 280

Pigman 280

Cave Spider 280

Wolf 280

Ocelot 280

Mooshroom 380

Villager 380

Slime 430

Squid 430

Magma Slime 460

Iron Golem 700

Blaze 700

Enderman 700

Witch 700

Wither Skeleton 700

Minecart 920

Boat 920

Floating Eye 1100

Ghostly Painting 1100

Pearl 1100

Wither 2500