Pastor Nitram

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Pastor Nitram
NPC Info
Coordinates X: -620, Z: -5351
Location Kander Forest
Quest Involved Hollow Sirene

Pastor Nitram is currently tending the cemetery in the Kander Forest. During the Hollow Sirene quest Laloire sends the Player to him to ask him what he might know about the screams coming from the cave. He tells the Player that it's the scream of a Banshee, and that the player will need special earmuffs to be able to fight it, thus he sends the Player to get them from the tomb of a dead scientist.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Kander Forest   X   -620  Y     Z   -5351  Wynncraft Map 

Pastor Nitram can be found at the entrance to the cemetery in the Kander Forest, right next to the ruined cathedral.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

After Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Pastor Nitram: May the light return to the forest one day.