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Parties are teams of players in Wynncraft. Experience points are shared between a party, so leveling up often goes faster if you join or create a party. When a mob is killed, players within a 20 block radius will receive a bonus 20% of the experience points dropped by the mob, as long as they are in the party. The player who killed them gets the full experience, as usual.

Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /party (Gives you a list of commands)
  • /party create (To create a party)
  • /party Invite [Player name] (To invite players to you party)
  • /party kick [Player name] (To kick a player our of the party/team)
  • /party leave (If you are in a party, and you want to leave it, use this command)
  • /party join [Party owner name] (Join a party you were invited to)