Orphion's Nexus of Light

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Orphion's Nexus of Light
Discovery Lore
Thought only to be a myth, this legendary structure acts as a nexus for the Realm of Light's power. Somewhere in its enigmatic halls lies Orphion, the physical manifestation of Light itself.
Coordinates X: -732, Z: -6412
Minimum Level 79
Suggested Level 80+
Max Party Level 500
Quest Required Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light
Runes Required 3 Uth Runes
Players Required 4-6
Monsters Ghostly Light
Light of Freedom
Antumbral Haze
Thunderous Core
Thunder Cloud
Ghostly Shadow
Athanatic Witness
Crystalline Decay
Umbral Haze
Luminous Apparition
Seraphic Presence
Resplendant Prism
Maturation Catalyst
Lightless Apparition
Wrathful Storm
Crystalline Cyclone
Volatile Velocity
Crawling Curer
Godly Transformer
Infection Ad Infinitum
Overseer of Orphion
Infested Crux
Brainwashed Juggler
Deceased Beast
Plagued Captain
Infected Puppet
Infested Doctor
Sanitizing Void
Boss Orphion, The Light Beast
The Parasite
Rewards 350000 Experience Points
Additional rewards may include:

Orphion's Nexus of Light, subtitled, When light fades..., also known as Orphion's Nexus of Dark, subtitled, When darkness grows... is a Raid in Wynncraft. It was supposed to be added to the game in the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update, alongside the two other Raids in Gavel Province, the Nest of the Grootslangs and The Canyon Colossus. It was then added in 1.20.1.

Preparing for the Raid[edit | edit source]

 Location   The Realm of Light   X   -732  Y     Z   -6412  Wynncraft Map 

To challenge the Nexus of Light, you must assemble a party of 4-6 players. Each must be at least level 79, and must have unlocked the Raid by completing the Realm of Light V quest. Otherwise, one of the most important considerations when assembling your party is your combined total combat level, which cannot exceed 500. Therefore, raiding with one or more party members above level 84 will require the other members to be of lower level or to have fewer teammates.

The entrance to the Raid is inside the Nexus of Light's palace, on the northeastern edge of The Realm of Light. There is a quick-travel portal to the palace at the Realm's entrance, unlocked after the quest, along with a Potion Merchant selling Healing Potions from Lv 80-100, Lv 80 Mana Potions, and Lv 85 Skill Potions.

To begin the Raid, enter the palace and the party leader will have to hand 3 Uth Runes to the Raid Keeper. Uth Runes can be obtained from Uth Shrines around the world, which require a Golden Avia Feather to activate. They are dropped by the miniboss of the Uth Shrine, the Uth Guardian.

Power Ups[edit | edit source]

After each of the three Challenge Rooms, you will be able to choose one of three randomly-selected powerups, increasing in tier from I to III with each successive challenge. Note that each set of powerups to choose from is independently randomized, so being offered a specific Tier II powerup in the second room will not necessarily mean that the corresponding Tier III will be available in the next room.

For further information on the Major IDs provided in some of these powerups, see the Identifications page. Inside the Raid, you can right-click each powerup to see a description of their effects.

Powerup Tier I Effects Tier II Effects Tier III Effects
Cherubim +75% Walk Speed
+150% Main Attack Damage
+50% Thorns
+50% Reflection
+1000/4s Life Steal
+70 All Skill Points
Seraphim +55% Spell Damage
+Sorcery Major ID
+55% Spell Damage
+5/4s Mana Regen
+55% Spell Damage
+7/4s Mana Regen
+130 Dexterity
Ophanim +50 Agility
+50% Water Damage
+50 Agility
+50% Water Damage
+350% Health Regen
+10000 Health
+Guardian Major ID
Throne +80 Intelligence
+10/4s Mana Steal
+10/4s Mana Steal
+5/4s Mana Regen
+50% All Element Damage
+70 Intelligence
+Transcendence Major ID
Anti +616% Exploding
+Explosive Impact Major ID
+100 Strength
+9000/3s Poison
+80 Strength
+300% Sprint
+2 tier Attack Speed

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the Raid Keeper looking a lot like the former inhabitants of the Realm of Light, the Heliolux, a comment in the now-deleted subforum for 1.20 Hero Beta from oculism, a GM, stated that the Raid Keeper itself is in no way related to the Heliolux.