Nivla Woods

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Nivla Woods RegionIcon.png
The entrance to Nivla Woods
Discovery Lore
This forest has been infested with giant, mutant arachnids for countless years. They serve as the greatest obstacle for adventurers on their way to Detlas.
Coordinates X: -400, Z: -1610
Minimum Suggested Level 5
Quest Starts Infested Plants
Mushroom Man
Type/Biomes Forest
Monsters Forest Spider
Nesting Spider
Zombie Level 7
Zombie level 15

Nivla Woods is a name of the extremely thick and dense forest. It has protected Ragni for years and was burned down when Bak'al was attacking the nearby fortress in 883 AP. Located between Ragni and Detlas on Emerald Trail, it is an area many low-leveled players grind. Level 6 Spiders and level 8 Zombies spawn within the forest. The forest has a couple of loot chests. The Infested Pit is located near the woods, and is marked by dark oak logs.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

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Merchants[edit | edit source]

Bowl Merchant

Accessory Merchant

Powder Merchant

Powder Master

Dungeon Shop

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Nivla" comes from one of Wynn's retired web designers, Alvin, also known as HiMyNameIsAJ.
  • Salted has stated in a forum post that the entire forest and Emerald Trail is designed as a subtle tutorial for beginners - the weapons booth introduces the concept of trading, zombies introduce the concept of fighting, and so on.
  • Located at the entrance, the exit and in the forest, there are four watch towers when climbed to the top give out information regarding Bak'als attack on Ragni. When all of these towers have been explored, a discovery is unlocked.
  • On the forest entrance from Emerald Trail, heads of Hypixel (a famous Minecraft map designer) and ItsJerry (a part of ItsJerryandHarry crew) can be found lying underneath the tree.

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