Nivla Village

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Nivla Village TownIcon.png
A screenshot of the village
Discovery Lore
A small village hidden within the trees in the Nivla forest. Home of the only bowl merchant in the province.
Coordinates X: -260, Z: -1390
Minimum Suggested Level 5
Other Merchants Bowl Merchant
Accessory Merchant
Involved Quests Mushroom Man
Type/Biomes Forest

Nivla Village is a village mainly built of treehouses, located on the edge of Nivla Woods. The village serves a major role in the Mushroom Man quest, as a Bowl the quest requires can only be bought in this village. Since the 1.14 Gavel Expansion, there resides a Accessory Merchant who sells Tree Bracelets.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Two treehouses stand out from the rest, the Bowl Merchant's and Accessory Merchant's, housing their corresponding merchants. The Bowl merchant's treehouse contains a short parkour course where the player must pass before being able to buy a bowl.

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Bowl Merchant

Accessory Merchant

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the 1.14 Gavel Expansion, Leaf Armour was purchasable instead of the Accessory Merchant. It has since been replaced with a Accessory Merchant, due to Nivla mobs dropping the set armour.
  • After the release of the 1.14.1 Gameplay Update, the Key Merchant was removed from the town, due to the Key Merchants being replaced with Key Guardians.

Gallery[edit | edit source]