NPC Info
X: 936 Z: -1841
Location Almuj Homeless Camp
Quest Involved Meaningful Holiday

Nick is a human NPC from the quest Meaningful Holiday. He runs the Almuj Charity Center and helps out the needy. In the quest, Nick tasks the player with finding food for the less fortunate in Almuj.


 Location   Almuj Poor Area   X   936  Y     Z   -1841  Wynncraft Map 

Nick is in a small area filled with tents and decrepit homes just south of the main Almuj city. To get to Nick from Haily, travel south on the zig-zagging gravel road.


After Quest

  • Nick: Thank you so much! I couldn't have done it without you.


  • Nick is Santa's brother.
  • Nick's name is probably a reference to Saint Nick, who is sometimes mistaken as Santa's brother by little kids.
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