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Throughout the World of Wynncraft, you will sometimes encounter mobs that have abilities.

List of mob abilities[edit | edit source]

Flamethrower: Throws flame that follows you.
Stage I: Increasing duration, damage and range.
Stage II: Increasing duration, damage and range.
Stage III: Increasing duration, damage and range.

Charge: Charges at the player.
Stage I: -
Stage II: Deals damage where the mob lands.

Multi Hit: Throws particles that will hit the player ten times.
Stage I: -
Stage II: Adds a finale hit that will throw you in the air.

Vanish: The mob becomes invisible.
Stage I: -
Stage II: Speed II.

Tp: Teleport to the player.
Stage I: -
Stage II: Blindness I/II for 1s/2s and damage.

Self-destruction: Explodes itself damaging the player.
Note 1: Some mobs can't be damaged after activating the spell.
Note 2: Some mobs cling to the player after activating the spell.

Meteor: Throws slow explosion horizontally at the player, it has a range up to 12 blocks until it explodes or if it hit the player it will explode.

Arrow Storm: Shots multiple arrows inaccurately very fast.

Heal: Heals the mob and its surrounding mobs.

Debuff: Slowness I/II for 60s-180s or Weakness I/II for 60s-180s.

Push: Pushes you away.

Pull: Pulls you to it.

Web Thrower: Throws eight cobwebs around the player.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is recommended to perform /class if you can't ignore the negative effects.
  • The weakness effect isn't very noticeable.