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Mob Totems

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The Mob Totem is an item added in the Wynncraft Store Update along with the new Bombs, Hero Rank and Crates. Unlike the other store items this item cannot be purchased but rather comes as a daily reward for the Ranks.

When used, the totem is placed down where you're standing and increases the mob spawn rate around it in a radius for 5 minutes. This also encourages group farming.

Rank Mob Totem Amount Total Time
V.I.P. 2 Totems per day 10 Minutes total
V.I.P.+ 4 Totems per day 20 Minutes total
HERO 6 Totems per day 30 Minutes Total

Remember: The total time is just the amount of time in which you can use your own totems. You can still benefit from other people's as well.