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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.16 and has been archived for historical purposes.


Mission Board

Missions were tasks you could do that appeared occasionally. You could do /dismiss if you were busy or if you didn't want to do them. They were removed in the 1.16 update and returned in the 1.18 update through the new mini-quests and were extended in the 1.18.1 update through the daily objectives.



Kill: You need to kill a specific number of random mobs.

Example: Kill 3 Zombies in 1 minute.

Loot Chest: You need to find a specific number of loot chests.

Example: Find 6 Loot Chests in 7 minutes.

Duel: You need to duel a specific number of players.

Example: Duel 2 Players in 2 minutes.


Time was important to the mission's reward, the sooner you accomplished the mission, the more the reward was going to be. If you waited a while and finished the mission, you might have found the reward a bit less than the originally stated amount.

Reminders happened every time a minute has gone by in the mission's box.


The reward could depend on how much time it gave you to complete the mission, or the amount you had to duel, defeat, or find. And it had 2 types of rewards for finishing the mission: Emeralds or XP. If it is a very easy mission, it could be a small reward. If it is a hard mission, it could be a high reward.

For example:

Duel 3 Players in 4 minutes for 127 Emeralds.

Kill 17 Undeads in 3 minutes for 225 XP.


  • Missions, on their first release, could use any mob in the game, meaning that a player could get a mission to kill 17 Emerald Guards, for example, which is impossible, as they have very high health and damage. However, they were later vastly improved and began using mobs pinpointed to the player's location on the map. For example, a player in the desert might have got a mission to kill 21 Desertfish.
  • They were still technically broken when removed though, as someone could get a mission to kill 20 Qira, Mistress of the Hives, which was an impossible task even for the strongest of players.