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Mesa RegionIcon.png
Mesa as seen from the Desert
Coordinates X: 1300, Z: -1550
Suggested Level 35
Quest Starts Canyon Condor
Tribal Aggression
Involved Quests Kingdom of Sand
Type/Biomes Mesa
Region Capital Rymek
Other Information
Was added with the 1.12 update

The Mesa region, also known as the Rymek Canyon, is located south of the Desert of Almuj. A river flows through the region, and the cliffs contain lots of caves. The northern plateau is inhabitated by native conflitant tribes and is the starting place for the Tribal Aggression quest. On the south side of the canyon is located the regional capital city of Rymek.

It has 5 large plateaus that are connected with bridges. To reach the plateau level from the ground of the mesa, you can use the Mesa Elevators if you have done Canyon Condor quest.

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Vault Guard

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