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NPC Info
Location Old ??? Meteor
Quest Involved ???

Mehme is the ending NPC for the ??? Quest. He is the brother of Yahya and Nohno.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mehme says that the place you walk into to end the quest is a wooden home, yet there is no wood in sight.
  • Mehme, Yahya and Nohno have a fourth brother, Sohso.
  • Mehme and the others' names could be a reference to the phrase, "Yes, No, Maybe So."
  • Mehme hates mushrooms and chickens, which are ironically the things that Yahya and Nohno love.
  • Mehme might be obsessive to nuts as in the quest From the Bottom it has been told that he sold bob's diary for couple of nuts