Mama Zomble

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Mama Zomble
Mob Mama Zombie.png
Type Giant
Level 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60
Location Anywhere
Health Variable
Drops Mama Zomble's Memory
Elemental Effects
Neutral Variable

The Mama Zomble is a enormous mob, far bigger than any other mob found in Wynn province. She is part of the nearly extinct race of the Giants, and is one of only three known to still exist (despite her undead nature); the others are Bigfoot, who lives under Gavel's dark forest, and the giant who lives at the end of the Thanos Vaults.

It is an extremely rare, pseudo-boss enemy. When killed, Mama Zomble will drop Mama Zomble's Memory, one of the two Depressing Helmet that appears as a zombie skull.

Location[edit | edit source]

Mama Zomble spawns in five locations, and at five different levels. It has a very low spawn rate, and so it is unlikely you will see it, even if you wait in each location for several hours.

Level Location
12 In the middle of Nivla Woods.
24 North-west of Detlas
36 In the Desert, south of Almuj
48 South-west of Nesaak
60 South of the Undergrowth Ruins entrance.

Entomology[edit | edit source]

Mama Zomble is often mis-read as Mama Zombie, but although she is a Zombie, her name is Mama Zomble. She was named by Dakota, who said the following in an extract from a conversation in chat:

Dakota: Mama Zombie sounded boring to me, so I saw it as like "Mama Smith"

Dakota: But Zomble. It's her surname
Dakota: Just ask her children that she throws at you!
Dakota: Mama Zombie isn't wrong per se,
Dakota: She is a Mama, and she is a zombie ;D
Dakota: That name just sounds weird to me though, like, we'd never call someone a "Mama Human".