Magma Slime

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Magma Slime
Magma Slime.png
Type Magma Cube
Level 52
Location Volcanic Island, Black Road, Entrance to the Jungle, Cave near Ternaves
Health 319
Drops None
Elemental Effects
Neutral 88-102

Magma Slimes are level 52 hostile mobs that spawn in caves near Ternaves, on the Black Road, on Volcanic Island, Molten Heights and on the Great Bridge. Magma Slimes come in different sizes, but all do the same amount of damage. However, the larger the slime, the farther it can hit you from. The large Magma Slimes will hurt you if you get within ~4 blocks of it, the medium ~2 and the small ~1. Since the Gavel Update Magma Slimes now represent Fleris, the species.