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The hub for Wynncraft. It may look different depending on the season because it is changed every once in a while. For example, it had a Halloween theme in October, Craftmas theme at Craftmas time, etc.

As of 1.19 You get directly automatically connected to random server.

In the Lobby, you can connect to the different servers and start or continue your adventure. You can connect to one of the many servers in two different ways:

  • With the quick access compass
  • By walking into the portal

All of the servers share same world, with all the same cities, towns, and dungeons. So, when you switch servers, you will be at the exact same spot you left off at, with the same items, levels, and stats.

While in a server, you can access the lobby again by using /hub, /server, /servers, or /lobby.

The lobby also has parkour area, where *SPOILER ALERT* you get a high level of speed and jump boost at the end.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the server the player is currently in crashes, the player will automatically be moved to lobby
  • V.I.P.s can fly in lobby
  • The players in lobby are translucent. V.I.P.s are not translucent

Gallery[edit | edit source]