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Wynncraft Lobby SiteIcon.png
Coordinates X: 295, Z: 324
Access Points /lobby command
Other Information
Not accessible from Wynncraft World

Lobby is location separated from Wynncraft World and cannot be accessed from it directly. The main purpose of the location is selecting which server player wants to play. Players may choose the server by using a compass or by walking the intro portal. It may look different depending on the season, it is changed every once in a while. For example, it had a Halloween and Christmas theme. Since 1.19 players are no longer in the lobby on joining instead, they are directly teleported to a game server. Players can join the lobby through ip lobby.wynncraft.com. or by /hub. All of the servers synchronize data so changing game server won't reset your progress and spawn you in the exact same spot you let off at.

Other Activities[edit | edit source]

Except for server choosing players are able to learn about Ranks, Crates and Content Team. There is also Lobby Parkour which completing gives player speed and jump boost for 10 minutes in lobby.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • You can access lobby via /hub, /server, /servers, or /lobby command.
  • If the server the player is currently in crashes or restarts, the player will automatically be moved to lobby.
  • V.I.P.s can fly in the lobby.
  • The players in the lobby are translucent. V.I.P.s are not.

Gallery[edit | edit source]