Lightdust Cavern

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Lightdust Cavern NaturalIcon.png
Lightdust Cavern.png
Screenshot of the Lightdust Cavern
Coordinates X: 263, Z: -1370
Suggested Level 68
Involved Quests Temple of the Legends
Type/Biomes Cave
Uses Quest
Requirements Stage 5 of Temple of the Legends

The Lightdust Cavern is a small cave near the Nether Portal. You have to enter it to find Lightdust for Jorkin during the Temple of the Legends quest. To be able to enter the cave you have to talk to Jorkin and be at Stage 5 of the quest. To get to the Lightdust, go through the cave passage and complete the parkour. The Lightdust spawns in the cavern at the end.