Light Realm Arch

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The Arch SiteIcon.png
Closed Arch
Coordinates X: -1038, Z: -4447
Suggested Level 71
Involved Quests Finding The Light
Requirements Clearsight Spectacles

The Arch (as the name suggests) is a large wooden arch which holds a white symbol, and it is located in the Light Forest. It marks the gateway to the Realm of Light and plays a role in the quest Finding The Light. The Light Portal, which is located in a cave beneath the Arch, is neither visible nor accessible without wearing the Clearsight Spectacles. An invisible barrier around the Arch is also present when a player is not wearing the Clearsight Spectacles, but the player may pass it and access the portal if they are indeed wearing them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Guardian of The Forest, the Light Portal beneath the Arch is invisible to the naked eye because it is hiding itself from the decay.

Gallery[edit | edit source]