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Lexdale TownIcon.png
A screenshot of Lexdale
Discovery Lore
Once a humble town, Lexdale has been overrun by cultists, worshiping a dark being named Naragath.
Coordinates X: -615, Z: -5435
Suggested Level 70
Involved Quests Eye of the Storm

Lexdale is a small, desolate town located in the Kander Forest. It is not a safe place for players to hang around like most other towns in Gavel. It's only current known use is as a checkpoint for the quests in the Kander Forest and explorations around that area.


Lexdale Map Aerial.png

Points of interest


  • Ceyquin's house




Accessory Merchant


  • Lexdale is one of the only three towns in Gavel without any merchants, the others being Efilim and Bucie.
  • If you die in some parts of the Realm of Light and other quest-specific areas, you may respawn in Lexdale.
  • Lexdale has a clock in it for the Clock Mystery; it is normally the first of the clocks found by players.
  • Lexdale is an anagram of the builder Alexdacube
  • During Gavel's development, many cities had different names. Lexdale was originally called Subitan, an anagram of the Manager GM-CMD hybrid Tantibus, minus a 'T'.