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Leaf Armour

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Leaf Armour

Item Types Leather Armour
Min. Level 2
Obtained Nonspecific
Components Leaf Cap (Level 2)
Leaf Tunic (Level 6)
Leaf Pants (Level 5)
Leaf Boots (Level 4)

Leaf Armour is a set of armour that can only be obtained by killing mobs in the Nivla forest. It is the first Item Set available to players, as its helmet can be worn at Level 2. To wear the whole set, the player must be at minimum level 6.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The Leaf Armour set is composed of the following pieces:

Icon Name Lv. Min Requirements Health Elemental Defense Slots Avg. Identifications

Leaf Cap 2 - +8 Earth: +2 1 +4% Health Regen

Leaf Tunic 6 - +21 Air: -2 1 +2 Strength
+2 Health
+4% Earth Damage

Leaf Pants 5 - +17 Earth: +3 1 +5% Health Regen
+2 Strength

Leaf Boots 4 - +14 Earth: +2 1 +8% Health Regen
+2 Health

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

When multiple pieces of the Leaf Armour set are worn at the same time, the following set bonuses are applied:

Identification 1-Piece Bonus 2-Piece Bonus 3-Piece Bonus 4-Piece Bonus
Health Regen - +4% +8% +12%
Strength Points - - +2 +4
Bonus Earth Damage - +2% +6% +10%

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