Kander Forest

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Kander Forest RegionIcon.png
Kander Forest.png
A view of the Kander Forest from the edge of the Dark Forest
Coordinates X: -600, Z: -5300
Suggested Level 70
Quest Starts Eye of the Storm
Forbidden Prison
Hollow Sirene
Involved Quests Finding The Light
The Headless Hunt
Region Capital Lexdale

The Kander Forest is a large expanse in the Gavel Province dotted with leafless withering trees, mushrooms, and large cobwebs. It houses many quests and is a very good grinding area for level 70 players. The capital of the area is the small, run-down town of Lexdale. The forest has experienced ravaging effects of the decay far worse than the neighboring Dark Forest has, though the two regions are quite similar. Along with sharing it's western border with the Dark Forest, Cinfras County is located southeast of it. A dark cult known as The Order of the Abyss has a considerable amount of control over the region, which plays a large role in the quest Eye of the Storm.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Towns[edit | edit source]

  • Lexdale - The town of Lexdale is a hold of darkness, once it was conquered by the Order of the Abyss at an unknown time in Gavel's history. Just behind the town, the Pit of Despair is easily viewed, and a very discomforting sight it is.

Areas[edit | edit source]

  • The Prison - A large run down looking structure in the Northwest Kander Forest, on the border of the Dark Forest. Despite its appearance, it is very much active, with many guards and prisoners. The prison plays a central role in the quest Forbidden Prison
  • Pit of Despair - Behind Lexdale is a terrifying place of extreme decay and darkness, a massively deep pit where a hand of shadow reaches out into the dark air. Within the pit resides a powerful demon, who the Order of the Abyss have been trying to awaken. It plays a major role in the quest Eye of the Storm.
  • Dullahan Mansion - Located in the Southwest forest, the mansion of Dullahan has a dark history. Once owned by Dullahan, a man who had at one point controlled the entire Kander forest, until a militia captured him and executed him for his crimes right outside the house. Now, it is a tortured place where the decayed spirit of Dullahan has trapped and tortured souls of those he has captured and taken away in the quest The Headless Hunt

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even though the decay is shown in the quest Taproot to have begun in the nearby Dark Forest, the Kander forest is still affected worse. The reason for this is unclear, though it may be that the Pit of Despair and the Order of the Abyss sped up the forest's decay.
  • It is roughly larger than the Dark Forest, and around the same size as the Olux swamp on the map.
  • The area was called "Danker Forest" in the Content Team as a joke before it had an official name.
  • The House of Talor, which is in the Kander Forest, was originally meant as a replacement for the Nemract Cathedral. The design is extremely similar.