Jolting Geode

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Jolting Geode

Tier ✫✫
Crafting Lv. Min. 13

Jolting Geode is a Tier 1 Crafting Ingredient.


Jolting Geode can be obtained by defeating Warped Husks and Eternal Paragons found in the Elkurn Fields or by opening Loot Chests.

The following mobs can drop Jolting Geode:

The following mobs can drop Jolting Geode:


Jolting Geode can be used in the Jeweling profession to add a small amount of main attack damage and thunder damage to the crafted item.


When used as a crafting ingredient, Jolting Geode applies the following effects:

Jolting Geode
+2 to +3 Main Attack Neutral Damage
+3% to +4% Thunder Damage
-30 Durability
+6 Dexterity Min.