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NPC Info
X: -634 Z: 15351
Location Wynnter Fair
Quest Involved Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)

Jared is the start NPC for the Child Rescue mission. The NPC asks you to bring back her children from the Pig Puck playground before the storm starts.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)   X   -634  Y     Z   15351  Wynncraft Map 

Jared is located in Avalanche near her house at the entrace to Upper Lusuco.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

When you start the mission

  • [1/3] Jared: Please help me! I just heard that there's a storm coming and my children are playing Pig Puck!
  • [2/3] Jared: Can you please bring them home?! I need to get everything ready for the storm.
  • [3/3] Jared: Just go to the Ice Rink and bring my kids home safely.

When you check again:

  • [1/1] Jared: Have you found my children yet? They were playing Pig Puck in Upper Lusuco.

During the mission

When you get back to Jared after rescuing the children:

  • [1/3] Jared: Thank you so much for helping my children!
  • [2/3] Jared: I was so worried about them getting caught up in the storm!
  • [3/3] Jared: I hope you can help the other citizens... In times like this we could always use someone like you.

After the mission

  • [1/1] Jared: I can't thank you enough for saving my children!