Item Buyer

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Item Buyer
Item Buyer.png
Merchant Information
Type Items Merchant
Location Wynn, Gavel and Corkus provinces
Total ? Merchants

The Item Buyer is a type of NPC merchant that buys weapons and armour and exchanges them for Emeralds. The amount of emeralds is different based on the type of item (for example, a Unique item gives less emeralds than a Rare one). Item Buyers replaced Weapon Trade Merchants in the 1.11 Update. In the 1.18 Update, Item Buyers were renamed to Blacksmiths.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Item Buyers are known to reward more emeralds when the player sells them Unique, Rare, and Special items rather than Basic ones. *Sometimes, the Item Buyer rewards more emeralds for lower level unique armour than for higher level basic armor.
  • Item Buyers give more emeralds when you sell them identified weapons or armour. It is recommended to sell identified items rather than unidentified items.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Previously, "Trade Merchants" would only give 2 emeralds for any weapon or armor, but now, the emeralds are given based on rarity and level of the armor.
  • Selling Depressing Items to an Item Buyer may not result in any emeralds.
  • In the 1.17 update item buyers were overhauled to be much more user friendly. Before this, only one item could be sold at a time and they were slower and harder to use. They were also given the Gold Nugget as their merchant icon.