Infused Hive Weapons

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The Infused Hive Weapons are five level 100 legendary weapons, (one for each class), which require the completion of the level 80 special quest The Qira Hive to wield. They are some of the most powerful weapons in the game for their respective classes, replacing Bob's Mythic Weapons since the release of the Gavel Update. They can be used in almost any build, providing bonus damage to every Element, as well as some of the best neutral damage in the game. In addition, they are all one tier higher on the attack speed scale than their Bob's Mythic counterparts, and each have two additional slots, for a total of five.

Despite the fact that The Qira Hive is unlocked at level 80, the Hive Weapons require a minimum level of 100 to be wielded; this is due to how the structure of the Hive, similar to the Tower of Ascension, is meant to be completed as the player levels up; by the time the player reaches the end of the Hive, defeats Qira, and claims one of the Infused Weapons, they are meant to be close to level 100.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Weapon Name Lv. Min. Quest Requirements Neutral Damage Attack Speed Slots
Infused Hive Spear 100 The Qira Hive 240-290 Fast 5
Infused Hive Wand 100 The Qira Hive 175-220 Fast 5
Infused Hive Bow 100 The Qira Hive 360-430 Fast 5
Infused Hive Dagger 100 The Qira Hive 300-360 Fast 5
Infused Hive Relik 100 The Qira Hive 380-410 Fast 5

Identifications[edit | edit source]

Identification Preset Value
 Mana Regen   +1 / 4s 
 Mana Steal   +1 / 4s 
  Earth Damage   +20 % 
  Thunder Damage   +20 % 
  Water Damage   +20 % 
  Fire Damage   +20 % 
  Air Damage   +20 % 

Lore[edit | edit source]

Infused Hive Spear[edit | edit source]

"Deceptively plain-looking, this spear has been infused with energy from all five known elements. Its tip shimmers in a spectrum of colors."

Infused Hive Wand[edit | edit source]

"Deceptively plain-looking, this wand has been infused with energy from all five known elements. It subtly glows in a spectrum of colors."

Infused Hive Bow[edit | edit source]

"Deceptively plain-looking, this bow has been infused with energy from all five known elements. Its string radiates a spectrum of colors."

Infused Hive Dagger[edit | edit source]

"Deceptively plain-looking, this dagger has been infused with energy from all five known elements. It leaves afterimages that pulsate in a spectrum of colors."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Infused Hive Dagger is usually considered to be the second best Thunder dagger in the game, behind Cataclysm.
  • The Infused Hive Bow is likewise considered to be one of the best bows in the game for the Thunder and Rainbow elements.
  • The Infused Hive Spear and Wand are not as dominating in certain areas as the Bow and Dagger.
  • The Infused Hive weapons can often serve as spell-oriented weapons in elements that tend to have primarily melee-oriented weapons, such as Earth and Fire.