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Template:Infobox/Weapons2 Inferno is a Mythic Dagger, requiring a minimum level of 97 to wield.


It costs [AMT] Emeralds to Identify Inferno.

Identification Average Values
Health Regen -24% to -45%
Mana Regen -1/4s
Melee Damage +8% to +33%
Agility -10 to -19
Defense +3 to +13
Speed +3% to +13%
Health Bonus +300 to +1300
Health Regen -42 to -78
Melee Damage +12 to +52
✹ Fire Damage +5% to +20%
❉ Water Defense -42 to -78


"The Dogun God Garaheth was actually an immense fire demon occupying the bowels of Molten Heights. Although unwise, the Dwarves forged a demonic dagger using his tooth in celebration of his slaughter."


Inferno is one of only four known Mythic-tier Dagger's released with the Gavel update.